Vance (No. 3.) family genealogy

Of Dungannon

Arms: Same as “Vance,” No. 1.

Compiled by William J. Simpson, Belfast.

Rev. John Vans, A.M., Rector of Kilmacreenan (A.D. 1617—1661), who is No. 13 on the “Vance” (No. 1) pedigree, had a younger son, Doctor Lancelot Vans, whose elder brother was the ancestor of this branch of that family. From that elder son (No. 14), was descended:

15. Patrick Vans, who married and had: 2nd son.

16. George Vance, of Raneel, who m. and had: 3rd son.

17. William Vance, of Aughavea, who m. and had, 2nd son:

18. William Vance, who had:

19. William Vance, who had:

20. Elizabeth Vance, who married Oliver Vance, of Drumhirk, and had:

21. Jane Vance, who m. Oliver Vance, of Dungannon (b. 1765, son of No. 4 on the “Vance,” No. 2 pedigree), and had:

22. Jane Vance, who mar. Henry Speer, of Tullybryan (son of John Speer of Tullybryan.—See the “Speer” pedigree, ante), and had:

  1. Andrew Vance Speer, of whom presently.
  2. John Speer, living in 1888.
  3. Anna Speer, who married Mr. Gregston, of Chicago, Illinois, U.S.A., and had issue.
  4. Jane Speer, who m. Samuel Young, of Dungannon—both living in 1888.

23. Andrew Vance Speer, who has issue.