Tighe family genealogy - Irish Pedigrees

Of Woodstock, County Kilkenny; and Rosanna, County Wicklow

From Irish Pedigrees; or the Origin and Stem of the Irish Nation by John O'Hart

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[1] Arms: Per chev. embattled ar. and sa. nine crosses crosslet, five in saltire in chief, and four in cross in base counterchanged. Crest: A wolf's head erased ppr. gorged with a plain collar az. thereon a cross crosslet or, between two bezants. Motto: Summum nec metuam diem nec optem.

MAIN MAL, one of the youngest brothers of Cathair Mór, the 109th Monarch of Ireland, and who is No. 89 on the "O'Connor" (Faley) genealogy, was the ancestor of O'Taidhg; anglicised Tighe.

89. Main Mal: son of Felim Fiorurglas; a quo Hy-Maile, and the territory in the county Wicklow called Imaile.

90. Amhailgadh: his son. Had three elder brothers—1. Tuathal Tigheach, 2. Berach, 3. Sedna Cromdana. This Sedna had a son named Aedh, who had twelve sons.

91. Fergus: son of Amhailgadh.

92. Feargna: his son.

93. Dioma: his son.

94. Diacolla: his son. Had an elder brother, Aedh Acrach, who was the father of Cobthach, the father of Fiachra Fionn; and a younger brother, Berchan, who was the father of Dubhtire, the father of Leathola, father of Flann, father of Rudgail, father of Dungealach, father of Aedhgus, father of Cinneth, father of Mithighan, father of Ceallach, father of Cionneth, father of Cairbre, lord of Imaile, who died A.D. 847. This Cairbre had a brother Dungealach (see Mac-Firbis's Genealogies, p. 211).

95. ( )

96. Siolan: son of No. 95.

97. Faeleb: his son.

98. Faolbran: his son.

99. Dungal: his son.

100. Tadhg ("tadhg:" Irish, a poet, philosopher): his son; a quo O'Taidhg.

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[1] Tighe: Of this family was Alderman Richard Tighe, Mayor of Dublin in 1651; High Sheriff of the county Dublin in 1655, and of the county Kildare in 1662; to whom the above Armorial Bearings were, according to Burke's General Armory, granted by St. George, Ulster King-of-Arms, in 1665; and who, temp. Charles I. and Charles II., acquired estates in the counties of Carlow, Dublin, and Westmeath; he died, A.D. 1673. His grandson, the Right Hon. Richard Tighe, M.P. temp. George I., married Barbara, dau. and co-heir of Christian Borr, Esq., of Drinagh and Borrmount, county Wexford, and was grandfather of William Tighe, Esq., of Rosanna, county Wicklow, M.P., who married Sarah, only child of the Right Hon. Sir William Fownes, Bart., of Woodstock, county Kilkenny. Their son and heir, William Tighe, of Woodstock, M.P., married, in 1793, Marianne, dau. and co-heir of Daniel Gahan, of Coolquil, county Tipperary (see the "Gahan" pedigree), and eventually co-heir of her maternal uncle, Matthew Bunbury, of Kilfeacle, in the same county, and was father of the Right Hon. William Frederick Fownes Tighe, of Woodstock, P.C., Lord Lieutenant and Custos Rotulorum, of the county Kilkenny.