O'Malley family genealogy

Chiefs of the Baronies of Murrisk and Burrishoole, County Mayo

[1] Arms: Or, a boar pass gu. Crest: A ship with three masts, sails set, all ppr.

BRIAN, the first King of Connaught of the Hy-Niall Sept, who is No. 87 on the (No. 1) "O'Connor" (Connaught) pedigree, and who was the eldest of the five sons of Eochaidh Muighmeadhoin, the 124th Monarch of Ireland, had twenty-four sons, whereof three only left issue, namely—1. Duach Galach (the first Christian King of Connaught), who was the youngest son and the ancestor of "O'Connor" (Connaught); 2. Conall Orison; 3. Arca (or Archu) Dearg: this Conall Orison was the ancestor of O'Maille; anglicised O'Mally, and O'Malley, and modernized Manly, Mallet, and De Mallet.

87. Brian: eldest brother of the Monarch Niall of the Nine Hostages.

88. Conall Orison: his son.

89. Armeadh: his son.

90. Tuathal: his son.

91. Eochaidh [Eocha] Sinne: his son.

92. Æneas: his son.

93. Cumuscrach: his son.

94. Mortach: his son.

95. Maill ("maill:" Irish, delay): his son; a quo O'Maille.

96. Seachnasach: his son.

97. Flann Abhraidh [abrad]: his son.

98. Dubhdara: his son.

99. Mortach (2): his son.

100. Dubhdara (2): his son.

101. Mortach (3): his son.

102. Donal Fionn O'Mally: his son; first assumed this sirname.

103. Mortach (4): his son.

104. Brian: his son.

105. Donal: his son.

106. Dermod: his son.

107. Owen: his son.

108. Dermod (2): his son.

109. Dermod (3): his son. This Dermod had seven sons—1. Teige; 2. Dubhdara; 3. Owen; 4. Dermod; 5. Hugh; 6. Brian, and 7. John.

110. Teige O'Mally: son of Dermod (3).


[1] O'Malley: Of this family were the celebrated Connaught-Princess Grace O'Malley, who flourished in the 16th century (see “Meeting of Grace O'Malley and Queen Elizabeth” in the Appendix); and the Rev. Thadeus O'Malley, "The Father of Federalism in Ireland," as he called himself, who died in Dublin on the 2nd January, 1877.