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From Irish Pedigrees; or the Origin and Stem of the Irish Nation by John O'Hart

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Arms: Per pale vert and ar. in the dexter a lion ramp. to the sinister, in the sinister on a mount in base, vert an oak tree ppr.

BRIAN, brother of Cathal Craobh Dearg, the 51st Christian King of Connaught who is no 112 on the (No. 1) "O'Connor" (Connaught) pedigree, was the ancestor of O'Connor Sligo.

112. Brian: son of Tirlogh Mór, the 48th Christian King of Connaught, and 181st Monarch of Ireland.

113. Andreas: his son; was the first that assumed the sirname O'Connor Sligo.

114. Brian (2): his son.

115. Teige: his son.

116. Donal (or Daniel): his son.

117. Murtach: his son; had a brother named Cathal (or Charles); died 1327.

118. Daniel: his son; had five brothers—1. Malachi, 2. Manus, 3. Murtach, 4. Donoch, 5. Malachi Oge.

119. Owen: son of Daniel: had five brothers—1. Felim, 2. Tirloch Fionn, 3. Brian, 4. Tirloch Cairach, 5. Murtach Baccach.

120. Daniel (2): son of Owen.

121. Charles Mór: his son.

122. Teige (2): his son.

123. Charles Oge:[1] his son.

124. Teige (3): his son.

125. Martin: his son; had four brothers—1. Teige, 2. Charles, 3. Brian, 4. Hugh.

126. Owen: son of Martin.

127. Daniel: his son.

128. Dermod: his son.

129. Charles: his son.

130. Denis (2): his son; died in 1750.

131. Connell: his son, died 1782

132. Denis (3): his son; died 1835.

133. Peter O'Connor, J.P., Cairnsfort, Sligo: his son; born in 1803 living in 1887; had no son. This Peter had three brothers—1. Connell; 2. Patrick, who died in 1832; 3. John: Connell (who died in 1866), had three sons; Patrick (who died in 1832) had three sons and four daughters; John (who d. in 1852) had one son named Patrick. This Peter O'Connor had also one sister named Ellen, who was married to Simon Cullen: the issue of that marriage were two sons and two daughters.

134. Peter O'Connor: son of Patrick, who, as above mentioned, died in 1832; born 28th June, 1832, living in 1887.

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[1] Charles (or Cathal) Oge: According to Wood-Martin's History of Sligo, this Charles had a son Donal, whose son was Sir Charles O'Connor Sligo; and that Teige, living in 1536, was the first who assumed the title of "O'Connor Sligo,"—the previous title of the family having been:

"MacDonail MacMuircheartaigh."

which was derived from a lord of Sligo, bearing that name, and who died A.D. 1395.

O'Donovan says that the last chief of this family died at Brussels, on 7th February, 1756, a Lieut.-General in the Austrian Army; which would go to show that Teige, No. 124, was a younger son of Charles Oge, No. 123.