O'Byrne (No.3) family genealogy - Irish Pedigrees

Of Ballymanus, County Wicklow

From Irish Pedigrees; or the Origin and Stem of the Irish Nation by John O'Hart

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Arms: Same Armorial Bearings as "O'Byrne" (No. 1).

RAYMOND, second son of the renowned Feagh (M'Hugh) O'Byrne, who is No. 130 on the O'Byrne (No. 1) pedigree, who was called by the English "The Firebrand of the Mountains," and described by historians as "one of the noblest spirits of his race and age," was ancestor of this branch of the "O'Byrne" family.

131. Raymond: second son of Fiacha; living in 1625. Had three sons—1. Phelim, of Killevany (see Borlace, p. 86); 2. Feagh, of Kilcloran, proclaimed a "Rebel," 8th Feb., 1641; 3. John, of Kiltiomon, obtained a grant of lands from King Charles I., dated 24th May, 1628.

132. John, of Kiltiomon: third son of Raymond. Had three sons—1. Raymond, who had Hugh of Ballinacar, living in 1710; 2. Charles, of whom presently; 3. Patrick, for whom, tradition says, the Pope's Legate in 1641 stood in baptism; and is considered to be identical with Patrick Byrne of Ballygannon, who was buried at Kilcoole, 1707.

133. Charles: second son of John. Forfeited Kiltiomon (or Kiltimon) to Sir John Borlace; according to book in Landed Estates Record Office, in which he is mentioned as "Charles Byrne, J.P. (Irish Papist)."

134. Hugh: his son. M.P. in 1689. Had two sons—1. Garrett; 2. Hugh, living in 1713.

135. Garrett Byrne, of Ballymanus: son of Hugh. Obtained from Sir Lawrence Esmond of Clonegal, Catherlough (Carlow), a grant dated 13th Jan., 1700, of the lands of Ballymanus, Mycredin, Clogheenagh, etc. Will dated 1713-14, is in Probate Office. Buried at Rosehane. Had two sons—1. Garrett; 2. Thomas, who is mentioned in his father's Will.

136. [see Corrigenda] Garrett (2), of Ballymanus: son of Garrett; m. to Miss Colclough of Tintern. Will dated 1767. Had three sons—1. Garrett; 2. John of Wicklow, who m. Miss Byrne of Wicklow, and from whom Colclough Byrne of Ballysepple claims descent; 3. Colclough of Drumquin, who m. Miss Galway of Cork, great grand-niece of James, first Duke of Ormond, and who died in London. This Colclough had two sons—1. Garrett [1] of Drumquin, 2. William-Michael.

137. Garret Byrne (3) of Ballymanus: son of Garrett; married Miss Hynes. He lived at Ballymanus until his son Garrett's marriage, when he removed to Arklow, where, in 1793, he made his Will, and died in 1794. He was buried at Rosehane. He had five sons and two daughters: the sons were—1. Garrett, who m. Miss Sparling of Hacketstown (died in Dublin in 1834), commanded the " Rebels" at the Battle of Hacketstown, co. Carlow, in 1798; 2. John, d. unm.; 3. Colclough, d. unm. at Harold's Cross, in 1807; 4. Edward, who d. in 1824, married twice: first to a Miss O'Byrne; secondly, in 1802, to Mary Kavanagh, who d. in 1847; 5. William (or Billy), who fought as a "Rebel" at the Battle of Hacketstown, and was hanged at Wicklow in 1799. The two daughters were Nelly and Fanny, both of whom died in Dublin, in 1831.

138. Edward: fourth son of Garrett (3); died in 1824. Had five sons and two daughters. The sons were—1. John-Edward, married Miss Byrne of Mullinahack, and died s.p. in Dublin in 1830; 2. William died s.p. in India; 3. Colclough, who d. young, and was buried at Rosehane; 4. Edward, of whom presently; 5. Francis, who emigrated to America. The daughters were—1. Fanny;[2] and 2. Christina, who died unmarried.

139. Edward: fourth son of Edward; married Joanna Kennedy; d. July, 1864. Had two sons and four daughters. The sons were—1. Joseph Edward, born 1843, died 1845; 2. Edward-Colclough, of whom presently; 3. Mary, who m. T. Delany, and had Edward Delany; 4. Fanny, born Nov., 1848, died 1874; 5. M. Angela, d. 1867; 6. Joanna, died at Rathmines, 1867.

140. Edward-Colclough Byrne (or O'Byrne), of Hollyville, Rathmines, Dublin, who died June, 1870.

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[1] Garrett: This Garrett Byrne of Drumquin, m. Miss Lyons of Kilkenny; d. at Inch Cottage, county Carlow, in 1838, and was buried at Dunleckney. His wife d. in Gardiner-street, Dublin, in 1850. Their daughter d. unmarried at Newcomen-terrace, North Strand, Dublin, in 1849. Garrett's brother, William-Michael, m. Miss Hoey of Dublin; in 1798, at Green-street, Dublin, he was executed as a "Rebel." His daughter, Mary, who m. a Mr. Moore, solicitor, had several children, and d. in 1867.

[2] Fanny: This Fanny Byrne m. James Power of Dublin, and had—1. John Power, living in Dublin in 1867; 2. William Power, Lieutenant of Inniskilhng Dragoons; 3. James Power, d. in Australia; 4. Mary Power, who m. F. R. Cruise (living in 1887), M.D., of Merrion-square, Dublin, and had Francis Cruise, James Cruise (deceased), Ellen Cruise, John Cruise, Robert Cruise, Mary Cruise, William Cruise, Joseph Cruise, Edward Cruise, Thomas Cruise, Augusta Cruise—all these children, except James, living in 1881.