O'Byrne (No.2) family genealogy

Of Cabinteely, County Dublin

Arms: Gu. a chev. between three dexter hands couped at the wrists, or. Crest: A mermaid, in the dexter hand a mirror, in the sinister a comb, all ppr. Motto: Certavi et Vici.

DUMHLAN DUBHCLUASACH, a younger brother of Donal na Scath, who is No. 114 on the (No. 1) "O'Byrne" (Lords of Ranelagh) genealogy, was the ancestor of this branch of that family.

114. Dumhlan Dubhcluasach ("dubh:" Irish, prodigious; "cluas," the ear): son of Donoch Mór O'Byrne; m. dau. of MacMurrough Kavanagh, and had:

115. Ughdar, who married the daughter of Magenis, and had:

116. Feagh na Fhiagh, who m. dau. of O'Brennan, and had six sons, all of whom had issue.

117. Dumhlan: the eldest son of Feagh na Fhiagh; m. dau. of O'Dunn, and had:

118. Donoch, who m. dau. of O'Connor Faley, and had:

119. Gerald, who m. dau. of O'Brien, of Ara, and had:

120. Moroch, who m. Ann, dau. of O'Brennan, of Iveagh, and had:

121. Philip, who m. Joanne, dau. of O'Dempsy, and had:

122. Brian Ruadh, who m. dau. of Morgan Kavanagh, and had:

123. Donoch, who m. dau. of O'Toole, and had:

124. Bryan, who married dau. of O'Moore, and had:

125. Teige Mór, who m. Mary Kavanagh, and had:

126. Garrett, who married dau. of O'Byrne, of Killiman, and had:

127. Teige Oge, who m. dau. of O'Byrne, of Ballinakill, and had two sons: 1. Brian, 2 Donoch (or Denis).

128. Brian O'Byrne: the son of Teige Oge; m. Catherine, dau. of Kavanagh, of Gorahill, and had three sons and a daughter:

I. Teige (or Thady), of whom presently.

II. Brian, who m. Margaret, dau. of O'Byrne, of Rodran, and had a daughter Margery, who died unm.

III. Morough, who was killed in battle.

I. The dau. m. a son of O'Byrne, of Rodran.

129. Thady: eldest son of Brian; m. Mary, dau. of Dermod O'Byrne, of Dunganstown, and had two sons and a daughter:

I. Charles, of whom presently.

II. Thady, from whom descended the O'Byrnes, of Killboy.

I. Honor, who d. unm.

130. Charles: the son of Thady; whose estates were confiscated under the Cromwellian Settlement; m. Grizel, dau. of O'Byrne, of Ballinacarbeg, and had three sons and a dau.

I. Hugh, who. removed to Dublin, and afterwards returned to the co. Wicklow, where he purchased landed property, and resided in Ballinacarbeg up to his death. This Hugh was twice married: his first wife was Catherine, great granddaughter of Richard Archbold, Constable of Dublin Castle, temp. Henry VII., by whom he had two sons and four daus.:

I. George (d. 27th Dec., 1697), who m. Amey, dau. of James Bell, Esq., Surgeon-General of Ireland, and had two sons and two daughters: 1. Gregory, who m. Mary, dau. of Richard Butler, brewer of Dublin, by whom he left no surviving issue; 2. William, who d. s. p.; and 3. Elizabeth, who was heiress to her brother, and who d. unm. in 1732.

II. Charles: the second son of Hugh; had (besides a dau. who m. Bartholomew Hadsor), an only son Emanuel, who, being educated in France, became a Friar of the Order of St. Francis, and had in "Confirmation" taken the name of "Francis." "Father Francis," generally known as "Father Huson," d. at Cornel's Court, Cabinteely, on the 30th August, 1743; having bequeathed to his cousin all his rights, title and interest in the Ballinacarbeg estate.

Hugh's four daus. were:

I. Catherine.

II. Ann.

III. Marian.

IV. Margaret.

II. John, of Ballinclough, in the co. Wicklow: second son of Charles; m. Cecilia, dau. of Garrett O'Byrne, of Cualanarle, and left three daughters:

I. Mary, who m. John Byrne, a brewer, of Dublin.

II. Elinor, who m. Dudley Keoghe, of Ballinclough.

III. Catherine, who m. James Byrne.

III. Daniel, of whom presently.

I. Sarah, the daughter of Charles, m. Turlogh Byrne.

131. Daniel Byrne: third son of Charles; m. Anne, dau. of Richard Taylor, Esq., of the family of Swords, and had four sons and two daus.:

I. Gregory,[1] who inherited the Lordships of Sheen and Timogue, and in 1671 was created a Baronet.

II. John, of whom presently.

III. Walter, a Captain in the Army of King James II.; died at St. Germain's; m. Dorcas Crosby, and had a son who went to sea, and a dau.

IV. Joseph, a Merchant in Dublin, who was also a Captain in the Army of King James II., and was killed at the battle of Aughrim. This Joseph left two daus.: the elder m. to a Mr. Gibson, of London; and the younger, Elinor, m. twice, but d. without issue.

The two daus. of Daniel Byrne were:

I. Mary, whose first husband was John Walsh, Esq., of Old Connaught, by whom she had two sons:

I. Edward.

II. John.

Her second husband was Sir Luke Dowdall, Bart., by whom she had three sons and two daus.:

III. Sir Daniel Dowdall, second Bart., who took Orders in the Church of Rome.

IV. James Dowdall, who d. unm.

V. —— Dowdall, who m. Margaret Allen, of St. Wolstans, near Celbridge.

One of the daughters of Sir Luke Dowdall, m. Amon Clark, Esq., the other dau. m. Ulick Wall, Esq., of Colland House.

II. Margaret: second daughter of Daniel Byrne; m. Terence Dunn, Esq., of Brittas, in the Queen's County, and had three sons:

I. Daniel Dunn, who m. a dau. of Colonel Nugent, brother of Thomas, then Earl of Westmeath, and had surviving issue, two daus.: 1. Alice, who m. Richard Plunket, Esq., of Dunshaughlin; 2. Mary, who m. James Hussey, Esq., of Westown, in the county of Kildare.

II. Barnaby Dunn, who m. Miss Molloy, of the King's County, and left two surviving daus.

III. Edward Dunn, who m. the sister of Thomas Wyse, Esq., of Waterford.

132. John, of Cabinteely: second son of Daniel; inherited from his father the town and lands of Kilboy, Ballard, and other estates in the co. Wicklow, and was High Sheriff for that county. Studied in England and was called to the Irish Bar; m., in 1678, Mary, dau. of Walter Chevers, Esq., of Monkstown, and had two sons and a dau.:

I. Walter, who inherited from his father, m. Clara, dau. of Christopher Mapas, Esq., of Roachestown, but left no issue:

II. John, of whom presently.

I. Alice, who died young.

133. John, Barrister-at-Law: second son of John; succeeded his brother Walter in the family estates; died suddenly in 1681, and left two sons:

I. Walter (died January, 1731), of Cabinteely, who m. Clara, dau. of Christopher Mapas, Esq., of Roachestown; but dying without issue was succeeded by his brother John.

II. John.

134. John, who died in 1741: the second son of John, a Merchant of Dublin; succeeded his elder brother Walter; m. Marianna, younger daughter of Col. Dudley Colclough, of Mohory, in the county Wexford, and had eight sons and five daughters:

I. George, of whom presently.

II. Dudley, who married Elizabeth, daughter of James Dillon, Esq.

III. John, who was a Wine Merchant in Bordeaux, where he was the proprietor of extensive vineyards at La Hourngue et Macon. This John O'Byrne had Letters of Nobility granted to him by Louis the XVI., King of France, in 1770; and was always styled in France, and in Ireland, "The Chevalier O'Byrne of Macon La Hourange, Bordeaux." He was twice m: his first wife being Mary, dau. of Richard Gernon, Esq., of Gernonstown, in the co. Louth, by whom he had a son and successor:

I. Richard O'Byrne (d. 1803), who m. Elizabeth, dau. of Richard William Stack, Esq., M.D., of Bath, England, and had two sons and three daus.: I. Robert O'Byrne, who m. Martha Trougher, dau. of Joseph Clark, Esq., and had two sons: 1. William R. O'Byrne (living in 1887), late of Cabinteely, and late M.P. for the co. Wicklow; 2. Robert O'Byrne, Barrister-at-Law, London, and living in 1883. II. John O'Byrne, who m. Elizabeth, dau. of Thomas O'Brien, Esq., of Stephen's Green, Dublin, and had: 1. Mary-Louisa O'Byrne (living in 1887), the talented Authoress of "The Pale and the Septs" (Dublin: Gill & Son, 1876); "Leixlip Castle" (Dublin: Gill & Son, 1883); and other National Works, all worthy of perusal. 2. Richard-Gregory. 3. John-Jeremiah. 4. William. 5. Aileen, who d. young. 6. Elizabeth, who also died young. 7. Walter. 8. Francis. 9. Clare, living in 1883. Of these children Richard, in his boyhood went to America, and was there engaged in the late Civil War, on the side of the Confederates; John and Francis went to Australia; and William went to New Orleans.

Richard O'Byrne's three daus. were:

I. Marianne, who m. and had Mr. P. Stack, Registrar of the Board of Works, Dublin, and living in 1883.

II. Harriet, who m. Thomas, son of the above-mentioned Thomas O'Brien, Esq., of Stephen's Green, Dublin.

III. Eliza, who m. William Henry Coppinger, of the Barryscourt family, in the county Cork, and nephew of the Right Rev. William Coppinger, Bishop of Cloyne.

The Chevalier O'Byrne's second wife was Miss Laffan, dau. of —— Laffan, Esq., of the co. Kilkenny, by whom he had four sons:

II. Thomas, who d. unm.

III. Dudley, who d. unm.

IV. Michael, who m. Miss Cahill, and d. s. p.

V. James, who m. dau. of Francis Kindillon, Esq., of the City of Dublin, and had two sons:

I. John, who m. Miss Beleasis, allied to the family of the Duke of Norfolk and others of the Catholic Nobility.

II. Francis, who m. the dau. of George Gillow, Esq., of Clifton Hill, Lancashire, and had four children: I. James O'Byrne, of Sandridge House, Birkdale, Southport. II. Robert, who d. in Melbourne. I. Anne-Maria: II. Mary-Agnes: both now dead.

IV. Francis: the fourth son of John, No. 134; d. unm.

V. Walter, who d. unm.

VI. Gregory,[2] who was a Lieutenant in the Duke of Berwick's Regiment.

VII. Daniel. 1

VIII. Joseph, who entered the German Service.

The five daughters of John O'Byrne, No. 134, were:

I. Mary, who married Walter Blackney, Esq., of Ballycormack, in the co. Carlow.

II. Frances, who m. Edward Masterson, Esq., of Castletown, in the co. Wexford.

III. Harriet, who m. Anthony Lynch, Esq., a Merchant in Dublin.

IV. Marianne, who m. Adam Colclough, Esq.

V. Ann, who d. young.

135. George O'Byrne, of Cabinteely: eldest son of John; m. Clare, second dau. of Captain Michael Nugent [3] of Carlanstown, in the co. Westmeath, and had three sons and one daughter:

I. Michael, of Cabinteely, who d. unm.; and at whose death his brother John succeeded to the family estates.

II. Gregory, who d. unm.

III. Robert, of whom presently.

The dau. was Mary, who married William Skerret, Esq., of Finvara, co. of Clare.

136. Robert O'Byrne (d. in 1798), of Cabinteely: third son of George; m. Mary, dau. of Robert Devereux, Esq., of Carrignenan, in the county Wexford, and left three daus.

I. Mary-Clare, who succeeded to her father's estates; of whom presently.

II. Clarinda-Mary.

III. Georgina-Mary.

137. Miss Mary-Clare O'Byrne: eldest dau. of Robert; succeeded to her father's estate; but, dying unm. in 1810, she was succeeded by her next sister Miss Clarinda-Mary, living in 1843; and this Miss O'Byrne was, after her death, succeeded by her sister Miss Georgiana O'Byrne. This Lady also d. unm., when her cousin Mr. William B. O'Byrne (living in 1887), late M.P. for the co. Wicklow, succeeded to the Cabinteely, and the other estates of the family.


[1] Gregory: Sir Gregory Byrne, Bart., of Timogue, was twice married: his first wife was Penelope, daughter of Colonel Calwall, of Yorkshire, in England, by whom he had (with younger children):

I. Daniel (d. v. p.), who married Miss Warren, daughter of Warren, Esq., of Chorley, in Lancashire, and left a son:

I. John, who thus became heir to his grandfather, the said Sir Gregory; and of whom presently.

Sir Gregory's second wife was Alice Fleming, dau. of Randal, Lord Slane, and by her had (with other children) a son:

I. Henry, of Oporto, who married Catherine, daughter of James Eustace, of Yeomanstown, in the co. Kildare, and left an only child:

I. Catherine Xaveria Byrne (died July, 1779), who married George Bryan, Esq., and left a son:

I. George Bryan, Esq., of Jenkinstown, in the co. Kilkenny, who was the father of the late George Bryan, of Jenkinstown, M.P. for said county.

Sir John Byrne, of Timogue (the son of Daniel, son of Sir Gregory Byrne), became the second Baronet; he married Meriel, widow of Fleetwood Leigh, Esq., of Bank, and only daughter and heiress of Sir Francis Leicester, of Tabley, and had:

Sir Peter Byrne, of Timogue (died 1770), the third Baronet, who, under the Will of his maternal grandfather, assumed in 1774, the sirname and Arms of Leicester. He married Catherine, daughter and co-heir of Sir William Fleming, Bart., of Rydale, in Westmorelandshire, England, and (with several other children) had a son and heir: Sir John Fleming Leicester (died 1827), the fourth Baronet, who, on the 16th July, 1826, was raised to the Peerage, as "Baron de Tabley," of Tabley House, in Chestershire, England. He married in 1810, Georgiana-Maria, daughter of Colonel Cottin, and had:

Sir George Leicester, Baron de Tabley, of Tabley House; and a Baronet of Ireland; born 28th October, 1811, and living in 1883; as second Baron de Tabley, Sir George succeeded his father, on the 18th June, 1827; and in 1832, assumed by "Sign Manual," instead of his own patronymic, the sirname Warren only.

[2] Gregory: This Gregory O'Byrne was attached to the Court of Louis the XVI., and was one of the 500 Royalists (many of whom were Officers of the Irish Brigade in which the said Gregory and his Uncle Colonel O'Byrne had served), who enrolled themselves as a guard of honour to, and protected the flight of, the Duchess d'Angoulême, daughter of Louis XVI., upon the occasion of her rash enterprise in appealing in person to the National Assembly.

[3] Nugent: This Michael was the father of Robert Nugent, Esq., of Gossfield, in Essex, who, on the 20th December, 1776, was, in the Peerage of Ireland, created "Baron Nugent and Viscount Clare," and in the same Peerage he subsequently became "Earl Nugent," This Robert had an only dau. and heir, the Lady Mary Elizabeth Nugent (d. 16th March, 1813), who on the 16th April, 1775, married George Grenville (born 17th June, 1753), the second Earl Temple, who, by Royal permission, assumed, on the 2nd December, 1779, the sirnames of Nugent and Temple before that of Grenville." This George Nugent-Temple-Grenville (d. 1813), was on the 4th Dec. 1784, created "Marquis of Buckingham and was in 1782 and 1787 Lord Lieutenant of Ireland.