Molloy (No.1) family genealogy

Lords of Fircall, King's County

[1] Arms: Ar. a lion ramp. sa. betw. three trefoils slipped gu. Crest: In front of an oak tree growing out of a maint all ppr. a greyhound springing sa. collared or.

EOCHAIDH, brother of Tuathal who is No. 89 on the "MacGeoghagan" pedigree, was the ancestor of O'Maoluaidh; anglicised O'Molloy, and Molloy.

89. Eochaidh: son of Fiacha. Had a brother named Tuathal, who was the ancestor of MacGeoghagan, and another brother Uigin, who was ancestor of Higgins.

90. Duncatha: son of Eochaidh.

91. Bran: his son.

92. Duineocar ("duine:" Irish, a person; "ocar," gen. "ocair," usury): his son; a quo O'Duinocair, anglicised Donacar, Donagher, and Dooner.

93. Anmchadh: his son.

94. Donnceann: his son.

95. Maoluadh: his son.

96. Donoch: his son.

97. Lorcan: his son.

98. Bogach: his son.

99. Maoluadh ("luadh:" Irish, motion): his son; a quo O'Maoluaidh, lords of the territory of Fircal, in the King's County.

100. Duach: his son.

101. Dubh: his son.

102. Donoch (2): his son.

103. Donal O'Molloy: his son; first assumed this sirname.

104. Teige: his son.

105. Cathal: his son.

106. Florence: his son.

107. Fiongan ("fionn:" Irish, wine; Heb. "yain;" Lat. "vin-um;" Gr. "oin-os" or "fion-os;" and "gan:" Irish, without), meaning "without wine:" his son; a quo O'Fionagain, anglicised Finnegan.

108. Fergal: his son.

109. Murtach: his son.

110. Hugh Mór: his son.

111. Hugh Oge: his son.

112. Rory: his son; had a brother named Cuileann, who was ancestor of Molloy, of Connaught.

113. Neal: son of Rory.

114. Hugh (3): his son.

115. Conn (also called Constantine, and Cosnamh): his son.

116. Cathair (or Cahyr): his son.

117. Conall: his son.

118. Caolach: his son.

119. Cahyr (2): his son.

120. Calloideach: his son; had a brother named Art (or Arthur). This Art had a son named Conall O'Molloy, lord of Fircall, who, in 1590, surrendered his lands to Queen Elizabeth, and got a re-grant thereof.

121. Arthur O'Molloy: son of Calloideach; and lord of Fircall.


[1] Molloy: O'Donovan is of opinion that the Clann Taidhg or Molloys of Oakport, county Roscommon, were a distinct family from O'Molloy, of Fircall, King's County; but we are of opinion that the Molloys of Oakport are descended from Cuileann, brother of Rory, who is No. 112 on this pedigree.—(See "Molloy" (No. 2), next after this genealogy.)