MacGeoghagan family genealogy - Irish Pedigrees

Lords of Moycassell and Fertullagh, in Westmeath

From Irish Pedigrees; or the Origin and Stem of the Irish Nation by John O'Hart

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Arms: Ar. a lion ramp. betw. three dexter hands couped at the wrist gu. Crest: A greyhound statant ar. Motto: Semper patriae servire presto.

FIACH, a brother of Main who is No. 88 on the "Fox" pedigree, was the ancestor of MacEachagain; anglicised MacGeoghagan, Geoghagan, Macgeoghagan, Geagan, Gegan, Gaghan, Gahagan, Gahan, and MacGahan.

88. Fiach: son of Niall of the Nine Hostages, the 126th Monarch of Ireland.

89. Tuathal: his son; whose brother Eochaidh was ancestor of Molloy, and other brother Uigin, the ancestor of Higgins.

90. Amhailgadh [awly]: son of Tuathal.

91. Coscrach: his son.

92. Eachagan ("each:" Irish, a horse; Lat. "eq-uus;" Gr. "ikk-os"), meaning "a little horse:" his son; a quo MacEachagain.

93. Rory: his son.

94. Awly (2): his son.

95. Giollacolum: his son.

96. Creamthann: his son.

97. Eochaidh: his son.

98. Florence: his son.

99. Awly (3): his son.

100. Donoch: his son.

101. Congal: his son.

102. Anluan: his son.

103. Coscrach (2): his son; a quo Cnoc Ui Coscraigh.

104. Malachi: his son.

105. Murtach: his son.

106. Congal (2): his son.

107. Cucogar: his son.

108. Cucalma ("calma:" Irish, brave; Heb. "chalam," he prevailed): his son; a quo MacCalma, anglicised MacCalmont, and Culm.

109. Murtach (2): his son.

110. Congal (3): his son.

111. Congal (4): his son.

112. Donoch (2): his son.

113. Congal (5): his son.

114. Murtach Mór: his son.

115. Donoch (3): his son.

116. Dermod: his son.

117. Hugh Buidhe: his son.

118. Conla: his son; had one brother.

119. Leineach Cairach: his son.

120. Conchobhar [connor]: his son.

121. Conla (2): his son.

122. Ros: his son.

123. Neal: his son; had three brothers.

124. Conall: his son; had an elder brother named Ros, whose only son named Richard died without issue.

125. Conla (2): son of Conall.

126 Charles: his son; had two brothers.

127. Connor MacGeoghagan of Moycassell: his son; living in 1690. Had three brothers—1. Conla, 2. Antoine, 3. ——

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