MacSweeney (No.3) family genealogy

Of Banagh

Arms: Same Arms and Crest as "MacSweeney" (No. 2).

DUBHGHALL, of Dun Usnaigh, brother of Donoch who is No. 115 on the (No. 2) "MacSweeney" na Tuaighe (or Na Doe) pedigree, was the ancestor of MacSweeney, of Tir Boghaine, now the barony of "Banagh," in the county Donegal.

115. Dubhgall: son of Maolmuire.

116. Owen Conachtach ("conachtach:" Irish, an inhabitant of Connaught): his son; a quo O'Conachtaigh (anglicised Conaty), of Cabra, in the barony of Tireragh, county Sligo.

117. Owen na Lathaighe (or Owen of the Mire): his son; slain 1351; a quo O'Lathaighe, anglicised Lahy, and Myers.

118. Maolmuire: his son.

119. Eoghan: his son.

120. Niall (or Neal) Mór:[1] his son; died 1524.

121. Maolmuire (2): his son; slain by his brother Niall in 1535; had a brother Eoin Modardha (or John the Stern), who died 1543.

122. Maolmuire Meirgeach ("meirgeach):" Irish, rusty; his son.

123. Donogh: his son; living in 1588.

124. Neal Meirgeach MacSweeney: his son; had four brothers—1. Maolmuire, 2. Oliver, 3. Henry, 4. Alexander.


[1] Niall Mór: Of this Niall, the Four Masters record, under the year 1524: "MacSweeney of Tir Boghaine, i.e., Niall Mór, the son of Eoghan, the most renowned constable of his own noble tribe for action and heroism, for determination of mind and counsel, for arraying and attacking, for hospitality and generosity, for great troops and active warriors, by whom most dangerous passes were forced, died, after extreme unction and repentance, in his own castle at Rathaine (Rahan, St. John's Point), on the 14th of December."