MacSweeney (No.2) family genealogy

Na-Tuaighe, or "Na Doe."

Arms: Az. two boars ramp. combatant or, in chief two battle axes in saltire of the last. Crest: A demi griffin ramp. or, holding in the claws a lizard ppr.

MAOLMUIRE, the second son of Moroch Mir who is No. 113 on the (No. 1) "MacSweeney" pedigree, was the ancestor of MacSuibhaneaighe na Tuaighe.

113. Moroch Mir: son of Maolmuire.

114. Maolmuire (or Myler): his younger son; had a brother named Moroch, who was the ancestor of MacSweeney, of Fanad.

115. Donoch (also called Daniel: his son; had two brothers—1. Dubhghall, 2. Tirloch.

116. Tirloch: son of Donoch; had a brother named Geoffrey.

117. Neal na Tuaighe: son of Tirloch; had a brother named Maolmuire MacSweeney, of Desmond.[1]

118. Daniel: son of Neal.

119. Donoch: his son.

120. Hugh Buidhe: his son.

121. Maolmuire: his son.

122. Owen Mór: his son.

123. Owen Oge:[2] his son; living in 1587.

124. Neal Bearnach: his son.

125. Morogh (2): his son.

126. Sir Maolmuire [or Mulmurry]: his son.

127. Donoch Mór: his son; had a brother Moroch.[3]

128. Maolmuire: son of Donoch Mór.

129. Tirloch: his son; living in 1768.

130. Hugh: his son; married to Eleanor Scott. Had a brother Maolmordha (or Myles); and a sister Mary, m. to James Dunlevy [4] of Ballygawley; d. aged 103 years, and buried in Sligo Abbey.

131. Hugh (or "Hugo Smoke:") son of Hugh; m. in 1790 Ellen Dunlevy. Had four brothers and four sisters: the brothers were— 1. Doyle, m. to Elizabeth Stuart, and had issue [5] four daughters and two sons; 2. Morgan, whose son George m. Mary Gordon, no issue; 3. John, m. to Susan Fromberger, issue, three daughters; 4. Nial. The sisters were—1. Rose, m. John Gaelrick; 2. Honora, m. to John Ormsby, grandfather of John Ormsby of Ballina, county Mayo, living in 1878; 3. Nelly, m. to — Fitzgerald, no issue; 4. Margaret, married to Morgan Dunlevy. This "Hugo Smoke" MacSweeney had three sons and two daughters: the sons were—1. Hugh MacSweeney, who d. s.p. in 1845, was the last of this family that retained the prefix Mac; 2. Frederick-Morgan Sweeny (No. 132 on this pedigree); 3. Charles (d. in India), m. — Shooks, and had a son Charles. Hugo's daughters were—1. Mary Sweeny, m. to Bartholomew Brennan, issue two sons and one daughter;[6] 2. Alicia, m. to — Christy, issue two daus.—Mary-Ellen, and Alicia (s.p.)

132. Frederick-Morgan Sweeny: second son of "Hugo Smoke;" b. in Sligo 1795, died 1845. Married to Rachel (b. in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, and d. 1841), daughter of Geo. Ormsby, of Sligo, son of John Ormsby by his wife Ellinor Morgan. This last mentioned John was the son of John Ormsby by his wife Lady Anne Gore, all of the county of Sligo. This Frederick had four children—1. Emmet, d. in infancy, in Philadelphia; 2. Robert Ormsby-Sweeny, No. 133 on this pedigree; 3. Mary Alicia, married to William Lowber Banning, issue seven children;[7] 4. Catherine, m. to Jacob-Henry Stewart, M.D., issue three children—Ursula, Jacob-Henry, and Robert.

133. Robert Ormsby Sweeny, of St. Paul, Minnesota, United States, America: son of Frederick Morgan Sweeney; born in Philadelphia, in 1831, and living in 1886; married Helen Benezet, and had issue.

134. Robert Ormsby Sweeny, of St. Paul, Minn.: their son; born 1869, and living in 1886. Had a sister Helen Benezet Sweeny, who died in infancy.


[1] Desmond; Branches of the "MacSweeney" family settled in Connaught, in Clanrickard, in Thomond, in Ormond, in Desmond, and other parts of Munster.—Four Masters.

[2] Owen Oge: It was with this Owen Oge MacSweeney, the lord of Rathmullan Castle, county Donegal, that Hugh Roe O'Donnell (see the Four Masters, under A.D.: 1587, 1590, and 1592), then in his 15th year, with other nobles of the country, were enjoying the far-famed hospitality of the said Owen Oge MacSweeney, and looking out on the beautiful bay before them. A ship was observed coming up the bay, with a deceptive ensign, under the pretext of being a Spanish vessel freighted with the choicest wines. The news of its arrival being immediately spread abroad, the young chieftain with some others incautiously went on board, where they were most graciously received by the captain, who invited them down to the saloon, where he gave them the most delicious wines. Whilst, however, they were enjoying his hospitality, the hatches were secured, and O'Donnell was carried off to Dublin Castle; where he remained a prisoner for three years and three months, when he contrived to escape, first in 1590. This Owen Oge MacSweeney was foster-father to that Hugh O'Donnell, and he proffered other hostages and sureties in lieu of him, but it was of no avail; for there was not a hostage in the province of Ulster the English would take in his stead:

—— The generous Prince Red Hugh,

Unguarded, quits the fortress walls and stands amidst the crew.

Down with the hatches, set the sails, we've won the wished-for prize,

Above the Rebel's prison cell to-morrow's sun shall rise.

Untasted foams the Spanish wine, the board is spread in vain,

The hand that waved a welcome forth is shackled by a chain.

Yet faster, faster, through the deep the vessel glideth on,

Tirconnell's towers, like phantoms fade, the last faint trace is gone.

[3] Moroch: From this Moroch the descent was as follows:

127. Moroch: son of Sir Mulmurry.

128. Donoch Oge: his son.

129. Tirlogh: his son.

130. Emon: his son.

131. Donoch: his son.

132. Tirlogh MacSweeney: his son: living in September, 1835, in Dunfanaghy, county Donegal, when (see O'Donovan's

MSS. Antiquities deposited in the Library of the Royal Irish Academy, Dublin,) John O'Donovan, LL.D., then engaged on the Ordnance Survey in that district met the said Tirlogh, and his two sons, then "stalwart young men."

133. (These two sons).

[4] James Dunlevy: The issue of that marriage were six children—1. Mary, s.p.; 2. Alicia, s.p.; 3. Ellen, m. in 1790, to Hugo Smoke MacSweeny, No. 131, supra; 4. Morgan, m. Margaret Sweeny, by whom he had five children; 5. Denis, m. to Countess de Perigny, no issue; 6. Owen, m. to ——, and had Rev. James Dunlevy, Dean in Roman Catholic Church, Sligo, s.p. The five children of Morgan were—1. James, who d. s.p., an Officier d'Artillerie à Auxome, France; 2. Denis, d. s.p. U.S.; 3. Owen, m. to Clara King, had three daughters; 4. Nial-Morgan, s.p. in U.S.; 5. Mary, s.p. in U.S.

[5] Issue: 1. Elizabeth-Stuart, d. s.p.; 2. Elinor, m. Edwin Myers, had a dau. Frances-Cecilia; 3. Doyle-Edward Sweeny, Captain U.S. Army, d. 1847, married Catherine Hanlon, had one son and two daughters; 4. Nial Sweeny, d. s.p.; 5. Rose-Anna, m. T. H. Walsh, and had issue three sons and two daughters; 6. Fanny, s.p.

[6] Daughter: The two sons were—1. Michael Brennan, m. to Dorinda Leslie, issue three children, namely—Ellen, s.p., Robert, s.p., and Dorinda, s.p.; 2. Hugh Brennan, d. in Hong-Kong, China. The daughter, Ellen-Mary Brennan, living in Sligo in 1880.

[7] Children: The children were—1. William-Lowber Banning, s.p.; 2. Ellen-Barrows; 3. Evans, s.p.; 4. Mary-Alice; 5. Frederick-Dunlevy Banning; 6. Kate-Stewart; 7. William.