King-street, North

SourceThom's Almanac and Official Directory for the Year 1862

From Bolton-street to Stoneybatter.

P. St. Michan, 1 to 76 & 132 to 194. P. St. Paul, 77 to 131. P. St. Mary, 195 to 199.—1 to 30 and 168 to 199, Inns-quay W. 31 to 167 Arran-quay W.—City.

1 Trant, Mrs. Mary, 30l.

2 Mallin, J. provision dealer, 32l.

3 O'Connor, Daniel, teacher of writing and mathematics, 20l.

„ O'Connor, Daniel, jun. gun maker

4 Strahan, Francis, cabinet maker, and manufacturer of ecclesiastical furniture, Catholic book and vestment depository, 17l.

5 Simpson, Thomas, hairdresser, 16l.

6 Gilbert, J. bootmaker, 16l.

here Henrietta-lane intersects

7 Hayden, Matthew, dairy, 12l.

8 Walsh, Mr. William, 10l.

9 Eves, Anna, haberd. & draper, 14l.

10 Ward, Christopher, corn and flour stores, 12l.

11 & 12 O'Connor, Michl. confectioner, lozenge and comfit manufacturer, and 63 Thomas-street, and 11 Christchurch-place, each 16l.

13 Quigley, Mrs. bookseller and stationer, 13l.

14 Clarke, John, tobacconist, 13l.

15 Reynolds, George, clock maker, 13l.

16 M'Grane, Pat. tinplate worker, 12l.

17 M'Garvey, Gilbert, cutler, 12l.

18 Mathews, John, dairy

19 Tenements, 17l.

20 Kearney, John, chandler, 17l.

here Lurgan-street intersects

21 Tenements, 25l.

22 Manning, Elizabeth, stationery and trimming warehouse, 25l.

23 Larkin, John, tobacconist, 5l.

.here Linenhall-street intersects

24 M'Mahon, Fras. prov. dealer, 18l.

25 Murphy, D. provision dealer, 15l.

26 King, Daniel, provision dealer, 13l.

27 Nulty, Owen, provision stores, 13l.

28 Fitzpatrick, James, grocer, 17l.

29 and 30 Langan, John, grocer and merchant, 48l.

here Coleraine-street intersects

31 & 32 Rogers, Thomas, grocer and vintner, 28l., 12l.

33 Barton, Henry, fruiterer, 12l.

34 Bourke, John, corn chandler, 16l.

35, 36, & 37 Martin, John, builder

38 Clusky, Christopher, baker, 32l.

39 O'Brien, John, corn chandler and coal factor 12l.

40 Might, Margaret, confectioner, 26l.

41 Connor, Nicholas, prov. dealer, 23l.

42 Caulfield, Mary J. tobacconist, 28l.

43 Cranwill, Thomas S. draper, 35l.

here Church-street intersects

44 Reilly, John, wholesale grocer, tea, wine, and spirit merchant, 26l.

45 Dwyer, Messrs. J. & W. chandlers, 22l.

46 Conroy, Thos. provision dealer, 18l.

47 Mulligan, Michl. prov. dealer, 28l.

48 Cummins, Anne, haberdashery, 15l.

[49 & 50—35l.]

49 Regan, Patk. baker & flour mer. and Brooklawn, Kimmage,

50 Lyons, Michael, tobacconist,

51 Wogan, Christopher, corn factor and seedsman, 23l.

52 and 53 Reilly, Nicholas, farming-implement maker, 18l.

54 Macken, Patrick, grocer and spirit merchant, 17l.

55 Delahunt, George, hairdresser, 14l.

56 Tormey, Mrs. provision dealer, 18l.

57 Tenements

58 Butler & Archer, commission mers. & seedsmen, & 6 Broadstone, 28l.

„ Butler, Nicholas, com. merchant, and Laurel-hill, Blackrock

59 Woods, Michl. tallow chandler, and 20 Lr. George's-st. Kingstown, 21l.

60 Fennell, Thomas, whip maker, 15l.

61 Waters, John, dairy, 17l.

62 Gilligan, Thomas, stationer, 11l.

Post Office Receiver—Thomas Gilligan, receiver

63 M'Kenna, Edmond, corkcutter, 15l.

Entrance to School of Anatomy

64 Smith, Thomas, prov. stores, 17l.

65 Tenements, 20l.

66 Daughney, Thomas, trimming and hosiery warehouse, 6l.

67 Joyce, Eliza, hosier, 9l.

68 and 69 Holdright, Edward, wholesale grocer, seed, and wine merchant, and at 28 Thomas-st. and 1 Thomas-court, 9l., 27l.

70 and 71 Aunger, Peter, & Co. sales-masters, corn factors, and wool brokers, and 66 Eccles-street, and Swords, 30l.

72 Tenements, 9l.

73 Moore, Joseph, tobacconist, 9l.

74 Comerford, James, carpenter and builder, 8l.

75 Comerford, James, prov. deal. 6l.

76 Brennan, William, eating and lodging house, 11l.

here Redcow-lane intersects

77 Cassidy, J. wine & spirit merchant, and Loughlinstown, 35l.

78 Campbell, John, board and lodging house, 18l.

79 Kelly, J. provision dealer, 18l.

80 Egan, Patrick, wholesale grocer and seedsman, 44l.

81 Higgins, Patrick, pawnbroker, 50l.

82 Malone, Mary, tavern keeper, 22l.

83 Gardiner, James, wholesale grocer, wine merchant and spirit dlr. and Gardiner's grove, Phoenix pk. 27l.

84 Delany, Patrick, pig salesman, corn, hay, potato, and wool factor, 50l.

85 Allen, Maria, baker, 27l.

86 Murphy, P. seedsman, 24l.

87 Egan, Patk. wholesale grocer, 35l.

88 Whitney, Samuel, druggist, 20l.

89 Hyland, Henry, trimming and stationer, 15l.

90 Geraghty, Lawr. hotel keeper, 28l.

„ Sohan, Catherine, confectioner

91 and 92 Tenements, each 15l.

93 Fitzsimons, Patrick, dairy, 20l.

here George's-lane intersects.

94 Dwyer, James, provision dealer, 18l.

95 Tyrrell, Henry, provision deal. 15l.

96 Tenements, 19l.

97 Sherlock, Luke, shoemaker and leather seller, 18l.

98 Murphy, James Patrick, soap and candle manufacturer, 22l.

99 and 100 Bury, John, marine and bone merchant, 16l., 20l.

101 Tenements, 4l.

102 Gallagher, Margt. innkeeper, 20l.

„ Dunshaughlin, Navan, and Kells caravan, and Trim, Athboy, Summerhill, and Granard coach office

103, 104, & 105 Turner, William, metal founder, and Hammersmith works, Ball's bridge, 54l.

106 Clarke, James, and Byrne, John, carpenters and smiths, 8l.

107 Lovell, John, provision dealer, 10l.

108 Tenements

here Stoneybatter and Blackhall-place intersect.

109 Tyrell, Mrs. M. grocer and spirit dealer, 14l.

110 Daly, Patrick, harnessmkr. 14l.

111 M'Keon, John, house painter and glazier, 11l.

112 Sorahan, John, bootmaker, 11l.

113 Reilly, Jas. forage contractor, 11l.

114 Tenements, 11l.

115 St. Paul's Male School—Mr. Thomas Browning, master

St. Paul's Female School—Mrs. Eliza Murphy, mistress

St. Paul's Church—Rev. W. J. H. Le Fanu, a.m. rector; Rev. L. C. Reichardt, 38 Amiens-street, and 18 Ellis's-quay, curate

here Blackhall-parade intersects

116 Murphy, Miss, barm brewer, 16l.

117 O'Neill, Terence, dairy, 5l. 10s.

118 and 119 Ruins

here Queen-street intersects

120 Caffrey, William, dairy, 8l.

121 Vacant, 9l.

122 Clarke, Bernard, cart, dray, and farming implement maker, 8l.

123 Bailey, J. provision stores, 8l.

124 Gallagher, Mrs. fancy wareho. 6l.

125 Butterfield, John, hairdresser, 6l.

126 Reilly, Thos. lodging-house, 10l.

127 Graham, William, iron works—entrance 33 Smithfield

128 Boyle, Catherine, prov. stores, 14l.

129 Carolan, James, coffee rooms, 31 Smithfield, 9l.

129½ Ennis, James, tobacconist

130 M'Guinness, Peter, vintner, 23l.

131 Russell & Son, flour & meal stores

here Smithfield Market intersects

132 to 134 Tenements, 3l. to 5l.

135 Lewis, John, nailer, 5l.

136 Casey, John, hairdresser, 7l.

137 and 138 Tenements, each 7l.

here Brown-street intersects

[139 to 144—6l. to 15l.]

139 Finnigan, Owen, dairy,

140 Kiernan, Bernard, dairy,

141 Andrews, Christopher, provision stores,

142 Tenements,

143 Gibney, Peter, prov. dealer,

144 Tenements,

145, 146, 147, & 148 O'Farrell, Ptk. & Son, soap boilers and tobacconists, 61l.

149 Hoey, Patrick, saddler, 11l.

here Bow-street intersects

150 Byrne, Michael, prov. dealer, 10l.

151 Tenements, 10l.

152 and 153 Lynch, John, genl. factor

154 Shields, Wm. prov. dealer, 11l.

155 White, James, hairdresser, 11l.

156 Tenements, 10l.

157 Moran, Wm. victualler, 17l.

158 Tenements, 17l.

here Church-street intersects

159 Tenements

160 & 161 Ball, Mrs. Edw. drug. 18l., 14l.

162 Stores, 18l.

163 Tickell, Joseph, druggist, 23l.

164 Clarke, William, china and glass merchant, and 72 Queen-st. 31l.

165 Behan, Owen, dairy 19l.

166 Higgs, Samuel H. B. esq. 12l.

„ Stafford, George, chandler

167 Tracey, Michael, grocer and spirit merchant, and 29 and 30 Beresford-street, 32l.

here Beresford-street intersects

168 Lyons, Andrew, dairy, 10l.

169 Green, J. tobacconist, 10l.

170 Cumeskey, John, coal factor, 14l.

171 O'Neill, Arthur, baker, 33l.

172 Phelan, Joseph, tobacconist, 25l.

173 Phelan, Anne, hosiery and trimming warehouse, 22l.

174 Coughlan, Hannah, prov. dlr. 16l.

175 Dunn, Michael, dairy, 16l.

176 Clifford, Patrick, prov. stores, 14l.

177 Conly, John, vintner, 18l.

here Anne-street, North, intersects

178 Hayden and Co. drapers, 58l.

179 Summers, John and Co. bakers & butter merchants, 23l.

180 Murphy, Rosanna, vintner, 20l.

181 Tenements, 18l.

182 Grace, Philip, grocer, 15l.

183 Byrne, Mary, prov. stores, 20l.

184 Williams, Nich. tobacconist, 15l.

185 Clarke, Patk. nailer, 6l.

186 Tenements, 11l.

187 Hillion, Anne, prov. stores

188 Findlater and Co. Irish and Scotch whiskey store, and general grocery, 40l.

here Halston-street intersects

189 Rock, Richard, clock manuf. 15l.

190 M'Kenna, Simon, commission agent and corn merchant, 21l.

191 Tenements, 12l.

192 Toole, Pat. boot & shoemaker, 13l.

193 and 194 Tickell, Thomas, timber, tile, and slate stores, 33l.

here Green-street intersects

195 to 197 Flood, Patrick, corn, hay, and potato factor, 6l., 24l.

198 Graham, Thomas, dairy, 7l.

199 Connick, John, grocer and wine mer. & 1 King's Inns-quay, 38l.

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