King-street, South

SourceThom's Almanac and Official Directory for the Year 1862

From Stephen's-green, West, to Mercer-st.

P. St. Peter, 1 to 29 Mansion-house W. 30 to 56 Royal Exchange W.—City.

1 Nugent, Felix, vintner, valued with 141 Stephen's-green

2 O'Toole, Esther, vintner, 25l.

3 Malone, Lawrence, grocer, wine and spirit dealer, 35l.

Enniskerry & Roundwood coach office

4 Connolly, James, wood and ivory turner, 22l.

5 to 13 Tenements, 12l. to 40l.

here King's-court intersects

14 Salmon, John, hairdresser, 12l.

15 and 16 Tenements, 9l., 12l.

17 Berry, P. lodging-house, 12l.

„ Curran, Edward, coal factor

18 Durham, James, hair dresser, 46l.

19 Buckley, John H. plumber, brass founder, and gasfitter

20 Hawney, Thomas, carpenter and builder, 18l.

21 Tenements, 18l.

22 Flynn, Christopher, vintner, 23l.

23 Tenements, 16l.

24 Deegan, Mr. James, 25l.

25 Tenements, 21l.

26 & 27 Conolly, Michael, fancy bread and biscuit baker, and Bayview, Dalkey, 32l., 16l.

28 Tenements, 20l.

29 Dillon, Thomas, pawnbroker, 30l.

here Mercer-street and Johnston'-place intersect.

30 Byrne, Mary Anne, milliner, 12l.

31 Hughes & Thompson, linend. 28l.

32 Wicklow, Joseph, outfitter, 24l.

33 and 34 White, Thomas, refreshment rooms and lodging house, 28l., 30l.

here Clarendon-row intersects

35 Ryan, Thomas, and Co. grocers, tea, wine, and spirit dealers, and importers, 27l.

36 Massey, Miss, servants' registry office, 22l.

37 Fullam and Sons, dyers and scourers, and 92 Lower George's-street, Kingstown, 36l.

38 Tenements, 17l.

39 Graham, Francis, prov. dealer, 20l.

40 Murphy, James, prov. dealer, 16l.

41 Ledwidge, Simon, lime burner and brick manufacturer, and Ashfield, Clondalkin, 28l.

42 Nolan, James, dairy, 23l.

43 Tenements, 25l.

44 Gainfort, Benjamin, printer and stationer, 20l.

45 Frazer, Wm. delft shop, 23l.

46 Gannon, Margaret, dyer, 28l.

47 Fleming, Wm. cork cutter, 16l.

48 Slattery, Wm. grocer, wine & spirit merchant, 36l.

Painters' trade hall

49 O'Brien, Joseph, provision deal. 36l.

50 Duke, William, razor and surgical instrument maker, 21l.

51 Dunne, Patrick, vintner, 27l.

52 Tenements, 27l.

53 Mongee, William, baker, 28l.

54 Kirwan, Martin, vintner, 36l.

55 Kavanagh, Chas. prov. dealer, 27l.

56 Maguire, Thomas, chandler, 24l.

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