SourceThom's Almanac and Official Directory for the Year 1862

From Mount-st. Upper, to Baggot-st. Lr.

P. St. Peter.—South Dock W.—City.

1 Thompson, Robert, solicitor to the General Post Office, 67l.

2 Stanford, John J. esq. 64l.

3 Kincaid, Joseph, land agent, 64l.

4 Waller, Jn. Francis, ll.d. bar. 64l.

5 Magan, Thomas Tilson, esq. 63l.

6 Coote, Hon. Mrs. Louisa, 64l.

7 Huband, Mrs. Frances, 64l.

„ Huband, Capt.

„ Huband, Arthur, esq.

8 Desart, Dowager Countess of, 64l.

9 Packenham, Wm. S. esq. 64l.

10 Abbott, Rev. Edward Singleton, rector of St. Mary's, 64l.

11 Fox, Mrs. Catherine, 64l.

12 M'Evoy, Mrs. 64l.

13 Clarke, Joshua, q.c. 64l.

14 M'Dowell, George, barrister, 64l.

15 Barry, Henry, barrister, 64l.

16 Roberts, Rev. William, 64l.

17 Henn, Richard, esq. 64l.

18 Boyce, Mrs. Emily, 64l.

19 Sidney, Fred. Jn. barris. ll.d. 63l.

20 Barrington, Mrs. Anna 63l.

„ Williams, Richard, esq.

21 to 24 Building ground

25 Kenny, William, pump maker, 10l.

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