SourceThom's Almanac and Official Directory for the Year 1862

From Baggot-st. Lower, to Stephen's-pl.

P. St. Peter.—South Dock W.—City.

1, 2, and 3 Building ground

4 Adair, Miss, 56l.

5 Slater, John, esq. registrar, Chief Secretary's, Dublin Castle, 56l.

6 Vacant, 56l.

7 Lynham, Francis, esq. and Mount Seskin, Rathcoole, 56l.

8 Davies, The Misses, 56l.

9 Greene, John, esq. 56l.

10 Lusi, The Countess, 56l.

11 Dudgeon, James, jun. solicitor, 56l.

„ Dudgeon and Mathews, solicitors

„ Mathews, John, solicitor

12 Clerke, John William, esq. 55l.

13 Powell, Major George Eyre, 55l.

„ Powell, Eyre, barrister

14 Bailey, Thomas, esq. j.p. 56l.

15 Acton, Mrs. Sidney, 56l.

16 Fawcett, John R. barrister, 56l.

17 Browne, John Garde, barrister, 56l.

18 Barron, Mrs. Emily Netterville, 56l.

19 Lloyd, Richard P. barrister, 56l.

20 Morton, Robert, merchant—office, 12 Burgh-quay, 55l.

21 M'Dermott, Mrs. 55l.

22 Vacant, 55l.

23 Beauman, The Misses, 56l.

24 Burge, Mrs. Elizabeth, 56l.

25 Callwell, Robert, esq. 72l.

26 Maunsell, Maj.-Gen. Frederick, 72l.

27 Erck, Wentworth, esq. 72l.

28 M'Donnell, James, barrister, 65l.

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