SourceThom's Almanac and Official Directory for the Year 1862

From Leeson-street to Harcourt-street.

P. St. Peter.—Fitzwilliam W.—City.

1 Synge, John H. barrister, 35l.

2 Andrews, Charles, q.c. 41l.

3 Greene, Thomas, land agent, 40l.

4 Lyne, Mrs. J. 40l.

5 Barnard, W. W. surveyor. g.p.o. 45l.

6 Fausset, Rev. Wm. chaplain to the Royal Marine School, 40l.

7 Fosbery, Miss A. Maria, 45l.

8 Campion, W. B. barrister, 45l.

9 Beaufort, The Misses, 46l.

10 Carey, Henry, esq. 45l.

11 Ormsby, Miss, 45l.

12 O'Hara, Henry, q.c. Dublin revising barrister, 45l.

13 Blood, William Bindon, esq. 45l.

14 M'Bride, Miss, 45l.

15 Steele, Wm. Edwd. m.d. fellow and registrar to the K. and Q. Col. of Phys. and assistant sec. to Royal Dublin Society, 45l.

here Earlsfort-terrace and Wellington-square intersect.

16 to 19 Building ground

20 Ball, John, a.m., solicitor to the Ecclesiastical Commissioners for Ireland—chambers, 17 Hume-st.

21 Barker, William, m.d. 48l.

22 Day, Rev. Maurice, a.m. minister of St. Mathias' church, 38l.

23 Lonergan, John V. barrister, 48l.

24 Blackburne, Miss 36l.

25 Graydon, A. H. barrister, 35l.

26 Townsend, Jno. Fitzh. ll.d. q.c. 37l.

27 De' Ricci, Harmann Robert, physician, 35l.

28 Doyle, Susanna, 36l.

„ Doyle, James, miller

29 and 30 Vacant

31 Carr, Thos. job carriage owner, 5l.

32 Reynolds, Patrick, carriage and car owner, 5l.

33 to 54 Building ground

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