SourceThom's Almanac and Official Directory for the Year 1862

From D'Olier-street to Burgh-quay.

P. St. Mark.—Trinity W.—City.

1 Cowan & Co. paper manufacturers & wholesalestationers, 16½ D'Olier-street, and 13 Hawkins's-st. 16l.

2 Burke, John, prop. Phoenix hotel, & 17 D'Olier-street, 24l.

3 Tenements, 24l.

4 and 5 Farrelly, Nich. saddler and harness maker, 15l.

6 Sherwood, Peter, draper, 22l.

7 Tenements, 8l.

8 Murphy, Thos. Apollo tavern, 24l.

9 Nolan, Maurice, cork cutter, 25l.

„ Byrne, James, tobacconist

„ M'Nulty, Laurence, shell-fish stores

10 M'Keon, Farrell, Shakspeare tav. 22l.

here Leinster-market intersects.

11 Smith and Cole, vintners, 22l.

12 & 13 MacMullen, Shaw, & Co. flour merchants, & 12 Burgh-quay, 100l.

here Burgh-quay intersects

13 Cowan & Co., paper manufacturers and wholesale stationers, 1 Hawkins's-st. and 16½ D'Olier-st. 28l.

14 Greene, Brothers, corn mer. 28l.

here Poolbeg-street intersects

The Theatre Royal—John Harris, esq. lessee and manager, and 84 Waterloo-road, 370l.

Royal Arcade.

1 to 4 Vacant

Public Weighing Machine.

15 Hore, John, boot & shoemaker, 9l.

16 Plaster of Paris and Roman Cement Works—Jn. Parker, agent, 10l.

17 Lamb, John, builder, 23l.

18 Morpie and Colgan, patent truss manufacturers, 23l.

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