Baggot-street, Lower

SourceThom's Almanac and Official Directory for the Year 1862

From Merrion-st. Up. to Herbert-place.

P. St. Peter.—1 to 73 South Dock W. 74 to 112 Fitzwilliam W. 113 to 143 Mansion-house W.—City.

1 M'Nally, John, confectioner, 24l.

„ Weldon, John, purveyor

2 Martin, Thomas, corn chandler and coal factor—stores, Windsor-place, off Lr. Pembroke-st. 60l.

3 Taggert, Mrs. draper & milliner, 20l.

3 ½ Kelly, John James, tobacconist and cigar importer, 21l.

4 Eustace, Teresa, baker, 60l.

5 Burke, Wm. tea & winemercht. 52l.

6 Kelly, Joseph, fishmonger, 15l.

„ Wall, James, victualler

7 Kelly, Miss, confectioner, 40l.

8 Duffy, M. victualler, 34l.

here Baggot-market intersects

9 Dunne, John, Italian warehouse, 34l.

10 Fletcher, Adam, house furnishing ironmonger, cutler, and brush maker, 57l.

11 Nolan, Richd. purveyor & grocer, 40l.

here Fitzwilliam-market intersects

12 Keegan, Ellen, fishmonger, 45l.

13 Farrell, Lewis, victualler, 45l.

14 Waters, Thomas, poulterer, 48l.

here Baggot-lane intersects

15 Stephens and Co. drapers 36l.

16 Finlayson, John, esq. 40l.

„ Finlayson, Rev. Henry, minor canon, vicar choral, and steward to the vicars choral of Saint Patrick's, and 22 Pembroke-road

„ Finlayson, Geo. esq. barrister

17 Wilson, Anth. wine and spirit mer. and tea dealer, 65l.

„ Carroll, Thomas Hen. builder, and 70 Sir John Rogerson's-quay

18 Searle, Janaway, professor of the guitar and concertina, 42l.

„ Lumsden, Mrs. Freeman

19 Corballis, John Rich. q.c. chairman of the county of Kilkenny, and Rosemount, Roebuck, 52l.

20 Patterson, Mrs. Mary, dressmk. 52l.

21 Bevan, Philip, m.d., r.c.s.i. surgeon to Mercer's Hospital, 57l.

22 Holmes, Mrs. Catherine, 57l.

23 Garbois, Henry, professor of dancing and calisthenic exercises—res. St Bernard's, Carrickmines, county Dublin, 55l.

24 Hackett, Geo Hen. sol. & Boyle, 48l.

25 Collis, Mau. H. f.r.c.s., m.b., and surgeon to Meath-street Hospital, Trivia, Dalkey, 52l.

26 Bastable, Henry, solicitor, 51l.

27 Blake, Mrs. Eleanor, 52l.

28 Wall, James Arthur, q.c. 54l.

29 Barrett, Mrs. 50l.

30 Daniel, Mrs. 50l.

„ Daniel Richard, f.r.c.s.i.

31 Fitzpatrick, Thomas, m.d. 48l.

32 Hogan, Mr. Michael, 48l.

33 Cooper, Robert, solicitor, 48l.

34 Vacant, 48l.

35 Gibson, Wm. lodging house, 58l.

36 Stanhope, Major Hon. Sir Frs. 58l.

37 Fleming, Miss Jane, 50l.

38 Darley, William F. q.c. 50l.

39 Gamble, Richd. Wm. barrister, 45l.

40 Barton, John K. m.b. f.r.c.s. 52l.

41 Lawless, Philip, sol., and Kilgobbin, co. Dublin, 48l.

42 Franklin, Thomas, land agent, 35l.

here Fitzwilliam-street, Lower, intersects.

43 Maher, Thomas R. wine, wholesale tea, and spirit merchant, 48l.

44 Leedom, Elizabeth, wax and tallow chandler, 36l.

Money Order Office and Post Office Receiver

45 Ærated Bread Company, 36l.

46 Nolan, Hen. P. m.d. apothecary, and director of Apothecaries' Hall, 42l.

47 Byrne, P. wax & tallow chandlr. 42l.

here Rock-lane intersects

48 Ford, John, purveyor, 40l.

„ Ford, Mr. Hugh,

49 Baxter, John Patrick, m.d. apothecary and accoucheur, 42l.

„ Baxter, Patrick Chas. m.b., t.c.d., l.r.c.s.i., assistant staff surgeon

here James's-street, East, intersects

50 Wilkinson, J. prof. of music, 46l.

51 Ryan, Thomas, merchant, 48l.

52 Smyth, Miss E. Carew, 48l.

„ Smyth, Miss C. Carew

53 Vacant, 48l.

54 Kenny, Henry, house agent, and 32 Denzille-street, 48l.

55 Armstrong, Francis, builder, 65l.

56, 57, & 58 Whitsitte, William, coachmaker, 60l.

here Adelaide-place intersects

59 Lodge belonging to Convent

60 Finlayson, Rev. Jno. Christ Church Cathedral, 60l.

61 Newman, Miss, 65l.

62 Gaussen, Campbell, barrister, and Lakeview house, Magherafelt, 60l.

63 Ryan, John, esq. 60l.

64 House of Refuge—Miss Stephenson, matron, 78l.

Sisters Of Mercy Convent—Mrs. Norris, superioress

here Herbert-street intersects

65 Wheeler, Thomas, barrister, 45l.

66 Franks, Lady, 50l.

67 Davis, James Robert, solicitor, 50l.

68 Moore, Mrs. Alicia Dorothea, 46l.

69 Hozier, Thomas, esq, 46l.

70 Richardson, John, barrister, 46l.

71 Smith, George, esq. 65l.

72 Litton, Edwd. Falconer, barrister

73 Boyce, Jas. Wilson, barrister, 68l.

here Herbert-pl., Baggot-st. Upper, and Wilton-terrace intersect.

74 Vacant, 54l.

75 to 80 Building ground, 50l.

81 The Irish Institution, founded in 1853 to establish a National Gallery—Hon. Secs. Geo. F. Mulvany, esq. R.H A., and J. Calvert Stronge, esq. J.P.; Mr. T. Henry Killingley, assistant secretary, 50l.

here Pembroke-row intersects

82 to 86 Building ground

87 to 90 Vacant

91 Lloyd, Lieut.-Col. R. C. 68th Light Infantry, 58l.

92 Dean, William, merchant, 48l.

„ Dean, William Edward, esq.

93 Thomson, Urquhart George, esq. chief clerk, secretary's department, g.p.o. 52l.

94 Butler, Robert, sol. and Naas, 48l.

„ Butler, Francis, a.m. solicitor,

95 Dunlop, A. Anderson, esq. 48l.

96 Hayde, Patrick, lodging-house, 48l.

97 George, The Misses, 48l.

98 Boyce, John J. esq. 52l.

99 Foley, George, barrister, 50l.

100 Steele, Mrs. Charlotte, 50l.

101 Ferguson, Chaworth J. bar. 50l.

102 Browne, Mrs. Frances, 50l.

103 Watson, Mrs. 55l.

104 Johnston, Mr. Edward, 55l.

105 Vacant, 48l.

106 Cathcart, Richard and George L. solicitors, 50l.

„ Cathcart, Rev. Nassau

107 Seymour, John H. W. solicitor—office, 4 Kildare-street, 48l.

108 Delany, John, lodging-house, 38l.

109 Byrne, Mrs. 23l.

here Lad-lane intersects

110 Flemyng, Mrs. Richard B. 28l.

111 Rorke, John, teacher of English and science, 30l.

„ Rorke, Miss, ladies' school

112 Werner, Louis, artist, 28l.

here Fitzwilliam-street, Upper, intersects.

113 M'Fillen, Mrs. Jane, 47l.

114 Griffin, Robert, banister, 52l.

115 Beauchamp, Henry C. m.d. 52l.

116 Baillie, Richard, solicitor, 52l.

117 Vacant, 50l.

118 Courtney, The Misses, 52l.

„ Courtney, Richard, esq.

119 Rickey, A. G. barrister, 43l.

here Baggot-court intersects

120 Brocas, William, r.h.a. portrait painter, 60l.

„ Brocas, Henry, profr. of drawing

121 Smith, Aquilla, m.d. 60l.

122 Hodgson, Mrs. teacher of dancing and calisthenic exercises, 70l.

123 Todd, Chas. H. barrister, ll.d. 68l.

„ Todd, Arthur B. solicitor

124 Harris, Lewis, esq 68l.

„ Harris, Alfred W. esq.

125 Barton, The Misses, 72l.

126 Levinge, William, esq. 68l.

127 Roberts, Michael, f.t.c.d. 63l.

128 Lewis, Miss, 63l.

129 Percival, Mrs. 66l.

130 Galwey, William, esq. 72l.

„ Galwey, Edward, barrister

here Pembroke-street, Lower, intersects.

131 O'Brien, J. A. draper, 17l.

132 Murray and Walsh, cooks and confectioners, 50l.

133 Arthur, Thos. Robt. engraver and printer to the Bank of Ireland, 68l.

„ Arthur, Mrs.

134 Gerty and Rorke, job masters and undertakers, 38l.

„ Gerty, Mr. Edwd. and Ringwood, Hazlehatch

135 Williams, John, grocer & provision-dealer, 27l.

136 Brooks and Wright, chemists, druggists, varnish; oil, colour, and glass merchants, 30l.

„ Wright, Mr. John T.

137 M'Evoy, Thomas, soap boiler, tallow chandler, and importer of composite candles—factory, 37 and 38 Boyne-street, 40l.

138 Fowler & Co. coach builders, 83l.

139 Brought, William F.grocer & wine merchant, 60l.

here Rogers'-lane intersects

140 Weir, James, general grocer, tea, wine and spirit merchant, 7 Burgh-quay, and Bray, 50l.

„ Young, Mr. John

141 Vacant, 45l.

142 Manders, Rich. & Co. bakers, 50l.

143 M'Givney, Owen, wine and spirit stores, and 10 Sussex-ter. up. 40l.

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