Baggot-street, Upper

SourceThom's Almanac and Official Directory for the Year 1862

From Haddington-road to Pembroke-road.

P. St. Peter.—Beyond Municipal boundary.—County.

A Pillar Letter Box opposite No. 18.

here Macartney-bridge crosses the Grand Canal.

1 Hogan, Michael, grocer and spirit merchant, 25l.

2 Long, F. P. victualler, 25l.

3 Russell, John Norris, Corbally Mills bakery, 26l.

„ Norman, Mr. E.

„ Norman, Miss, dressmaker

4 Forde, Michael, grocer, 29l.

5 Smyth, Thomas, baker and confectioner, 34l.

„ Mangan, Patrick, victualler

6 Aitken, John, wax & tallow chandler, 34l.

„ Aitken, Wm. coach builder

7 Dallon, Lawrence, victualler, 18l.

8 Butler, John, purveyor, 27l. 10s.

9 City of Dublin Hospital—Palmer, Thomas S. resident apothecary; Usher, Isaac, resident pupil; Power, Mrs. matron, 130l.

10 Kenna, James, poulterer, 32l.

11 O'Flaherty, Patrick, general merchant, and 2 Beresford place, 30l.

12 Rainsford, William, esq. 33l.

13 Callwell, Miss, 30l.

14 Fitt, Margaret, linendraper, haberdasher, and stationer, 32l.

15 Margaram, Jeremiah, carpenter and builder, 26l.

16 Morgan, Wm. plumber, gas fitter, and pump and water-closet manufacturer, 30l.

17 Heron, Wm. M.R.C.S.I. licentiate apothecary and accoucheur, 33l.

18 Byrne, John, grocer, &c. 37l.

19 Darcy, Martin, dairy, 22l.

20 Doyle, Margaret, 22l.

21 and 22 Tobin, Henry, grocer and wine merchant, 74l.

23 Bryan, Thomas, tea, wine, spirit, and Italian warehouse, 28l.

24 Graves, Gilbert, house painter and decorator, 23l.

25 Deverell, Anthony, chandler, 24l.

26 Hart, Henry, victualler, 23l.

27 Sullivan, Patrick, builder and lime merchant, 16l.

„ North, Morgan, provision dealer

here Eastmoreland-place intersects

27 ½ Sullivan, Anne, dairy, 12l.

28 Burge, R. E. esq.. 30l.

29 Moylan, Miss, 31l.

30 Murray, William Petty, esq. 28l.

31 Armstrong, George, esq. 37l.

32 Arnott, Mrs. Mary Anne, 40l.

33 Bagot, John, wine merchant—office, 28 William-street, 41l.

34 Morton, Wm. Jos. esq. Civil Ser. 41l.

35 Marshall, Miss Mary, 40l.

36 Kennedy, Henry Thomas, esq. 34l.

37 O'Sullivan, Mrs. 35l.10s.

38 Green, Mrs. 35l.

39 Carroll, Rev. W. G. incumbent of St. Bridget's 36l.

40 Jephson, Mrs. 36l.

„ Jephson, Robert Holmes, esq.

41 Marshall, William G. esq. 42l.

„ Marshall, Rev. Thomas

42 Grubb, Charles, esq. 34l.

43 Rogers, Samuel, esq. 30l.

44 Harrison, Richard, builder, 46l.

45 Johnston, Robert, flour merchant and baker, 44l.

46 Carr, Miss, 53l.

„ Carr, Frederick D. esq.

47 Endle, Mrs. 53l.

48 De Burgh, Major John, 50l.

49 Lawler, Miss Fanny, 50l.

50 O'Brien, Timothy, jun. wine merchant—office, 50 Fleet-street, 50l.

51 Kehoe, Myles, esq. 50l.

52 Elliott, Robert, esq. 55l.

53 St. George, Mrs. 60l.

54 Fitzgerald, Mrs. Henry B. 50l.

„ Fitzgerald, Hen. Edmond, esq.

55 Wheeler, George, esq. 50l.

56 Dickinson, Rev. Hercules H. 53l.

57 Greer, Mrs. Elizabeth, 53l.

58 M'Grath, Matthew, merchant, and 18 Cope-street, 55l.

59 Vacant, 55l.

60 Martin, Robert, esq. & Ross, Galway, 55l.

„ Burton, Lady

„ Burton, Mrs. Jane

here Pembroke-road, Pembroke-place, Wellington-road, and Waterloo-road, intersect

61 Vacant, 43l.

Episcopal Chapel—Rev. Hamilton Verschoyle, chaplain

62 Verschoyle, Rev. Hamilton, 50l.

63 Watt, Colonel Edward, 54l.

64 Forster, William Charles, lithographer and die sinker, 65l.

65 Luscombe, Mrs. Annie, 33l.

66 Vacant, 46l.

67 M'Nalty, Mrs. 46l.

68 Woodrooffe, Richard, apothecary and general medical practitioner, 40l.

69 Johnstone, Mrs. Julia, 34l.

70 Maguire, The Misses, milliners and dressmakers, 34l.

71 L'Estrange, Edward, esq. 36l.

72 Young, Mrs. 35l.

73 Power, Mrs. Christiana, 35l.

74 Gilbert, William, esq. 35l.

75 Johnson, Mrs. 33l.

76 Oldham, Samuel B. esq. assist.-sec. Freemasons, Ireland, and Masonic Female Orphan School, 33l.

77 Hunt, Mrs. B. grocer, tea, wine, and spirit merchant, 38l.

78 Farley, F. victualler, 35l.

„ Whelan, Jeremiah, spirit stores

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