Canal-terrace, Royal

SourceThom's Almanac and Official Directory for the Year 1862


P. Grangegorman.—Arran-quay W.—City.

Royal Canal House—Wm. Forbes, esq.

1 Treacy, Miss Rosetta, 16l.

2 Alston, James, esq. supervisor of inland revenue—office, 21 Coleraine-street, 16l.

3 M'Manus, Michael, egg factor, 14l.

4 Hussey, Edward, tanner, 16l.

5 Stewart, Mr. Thomas, Common Pleas, 16l.

6 Addi, Mr. Joseph G. 16l.

7 Saul, Mrs. egg merchant, 18l.

8 Magrath, John, esq. 16l.

9 M'Connell, Mrs. Mary, 16l.

10 Jones, Mrs. Rebecca, egg factor, 16l.

11 Garland, Edward, auctioneer, 16l.

12 Reilly, Wm. draper, mercer, hosier, and haberdasher, and 27 Henry-street, 16l.

13 Brunton, Mr. William, 16l.

14 Helery, Michael, esq. 16l.

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