Canal-street, Grand

SourceThom's Almanac and Official Directory for the Year 1862

From Wentworth-place to Great Clarence-street, south.

P. St. Peter.—South Dock W.—City.

Grand Canal-street School—Master of boy's school, Wm. Brennan; mistress of girl's school, Miss Rebecca M'Ginty; mistress of infant school, Alicia Brown

1 M'Namara, Mr. William, 11l.

2 O'Meara, Mrs. 11l.

3 Phayre, H. painter and glazier, 11l.

here Albert Court, East, intersects

4 Considine, Ptk. off. of inland rev. 8l.

5 Coghlan, James, builder, 8l.

6 Parry, William, grocer, spirit, and provision dealer, 15l.

Sir Patrick Dun's Hospital—J. Stevenson, res. apothecary; Mrs. Anne Stephenson, matron

7 to 30 Building ground, 3l., 15l.

here Clanwilliam-place and Grand Canal Docks intersect.

Lock House, Jas. Connor, keeper, 3l.

31 to 45 Building ground

South-eastern General Dispensary—Eldon P. B.Ward, res. medical off.

Office of the Dublin South-eastern Loan Fund, J. Nunn, 13 Richmond-pl. n.

1 Kinsley, Jn. gro. & spir. dealer, 12l.

2 Tenements

Here Hender-place intersects

3 to 7 Tenements

8 Dempsey, Patrick, prov. dealer

9 and 10 Tenements

here Grand Canal Docks intersect

11 Pim, Jonathan, engineer

„ Ward, J. civil engineer

12 Haughton, S. Wilfred, locomotive superintendent of Dublin and Wicklow Railway

13, 14, 15, Coach Factory of the Dublin and Wicklow Railway Co., 1,203l.

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