Camden-street, Upper

SourceThom's Almanac and Official Directory for the Year 1862

From Lower Camden-st. to Harrington-st.

P. St. Peter.—Fitzwilliam W.—City.

1 Hardman, John, and Co. Messrs. artists, sculptors, architectural carvers, church decorators and general furnishers, stone and wood carving wks. & 48 Grafton st. 48l.

„ Powell, Mr. Edward

2 Holdbrook, The Misses, milliners and dressmakers, 25l.

3 Stubbs, Edwin, Royal Engineer Department, 25l.

„ Stubbs, Mrs. ladies' seminary

4 Crawford, Mrs. 25l.

5 Gaffney, Mr. Patrick, 36l.

6 Cluffe, Mr. George, 38l.

7 Bradshaw, William C. esq. 38l.

8 Smithson, John, agent, 38l.

9 Vacant, 38l.

10 Dwyer, Joseph, merchant, 38l.

11 Jones, Joseph, cabinetmaker, 38l.

12 Hickey, Mrs. ladies' seminary, 30l.

„ Evans, George, esq.

here Harrington-street intersects

13 Noonan, H. T. dressmaker, 12l.

14 M'Clean, Thomas, esq. 11l.

„ Kelly, M. J. milliner

15 Tenements, 15l.

16 Vacant, 15l.

17 Cavanagh, Mr. Michael, 22l.

18 Tenements, 16l.

19 Vacant, 10l.

20 Matthice, Miss Anne, 16l.

21 Corry, Mr. A. 16l.

22 Carpenter, Patrick, house agt. 18l.

23 Cooke, William B. clerk 15l.

„ Cooke, Mrs. dressmaker, and baby linen warehouse

24 and 25 Carroll, Michael, tea, wine, & spirit merch. and 34 Charlotte-st.

26 Brooks, P. plumber, 6l.

27 Drew, John, green grocer, 11l.

28 & 30 Corry, Alex. coach builder, 24l.

29 Duncan, Thos. provision dealer, 20l.

30 Hepenstal, B. coach manufac. 20l.

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