Camden-street, Lower

SourceThom's Almanac and Official Directory for the Year 1862

From Montague-street to Up. Camden-st.

P. St. Peter.—Fitzwilliam W.—City.

1 Cassidy, James, victualler, 16l.

2 Nolan, Chr. victualler, 27l.

3 & 4 Wardell, J.B. fam. grocer, 25l.

5 Sweny, Eugene, job carriage and funeral establishment, 27l.

6 Boylan, H. groc. wine, & spirit mer. and 23 Clanbrassil street, up. 20l.

7 M'Clure, A. and E. linendrapers, hosiers, and haberdashers, 27l.

8 Boland, Brothers, coachmakers, 23l.

„ Reilly, James, victualler

9 O'Toole, Michael, purveyor, 27l.

10 Lyon, Wm. drug. and chemist, 27l.

„ M'Grath, Mrs. Margaret

10 ½ O'Reilly, Bernard, cooper

11 Johnston, Wm. Italian grocer, 18l.

12 Cullen, Patrick, dairy, 20l.

13 Jackson, Charlotte Augusta, ladies' outfitting & baby linen wareho. 23l.

14 Keating, Chr. drug. & chemist, 18l.

15 Houghton, Arthur, upholsterer, 23l.

„ Houghton, William, musician

here Camden-place intersects

16 Pasley, Henry, manufacturing and house-furnishing ironmonger, 18l.

17 Morris, John, delph and glassware-house, 24l.

„ Madden, Mr.

18 Kerrigan, Ml. wine & spirit deal. 21l.

here Camden-villa intersects

19 Rankin, James, purveyor, 25l.

20 Finnigan, Pat. grocer & prov. dl. 25l.

21 Blair, John, stationery and haberdashery warehouse, 20l.

here Camden-buildings intersect

22 & 23 Masterson, Miss E. and P. milliners and drapers, 20l., 18l.

24 Barry, Catherine, fruiterer, 26l

25 O'Brien, James, victualler, 30l.

26 Doyle, Thomas, Italian wareho. 23l.

27 Armstrong, Wm. ironmonger, and cutlery warehouse, 23l.

28 Parker, Robt. boot and shoemk. 23l.

29 Manders, Richard, & Co. bakers, 28l.

„ Jones, Miss

here Camden-court intersects

30 Dunoyer, J. carpenter, 23l.

„ Burne, Pierce, confectioner

Post Office Receiver—Pierce Burne, receiver

31 Meara, Martin, tailor, 20l.

32 Thompson, Mrs. Bowen, 23l.

33 Murray, Joseph, brass founder and plumber, 23l.

34 Lynch, Matthew, builder, and 5 Synge-street—workshop, 1 Grantham-street, 20l.

35 Ferguson, Miss, 20l.

„ Barnes, Dr. A. F. l.r.c.s.i..

36 Nicholson, John, esq. 20l.

„ Nicholson, Selina, French and English school

37 Kelly, Dennis, provision dealer, 18l.

38 Ferris, Eliza & Ellen, haberdashers, hosiers, linendrapers, stationers, and mercantile stamp venders, 19l.

39 Brennan, Daniel, poulterer, 18l.

40 Macklin's, Ralph, school—George Cooper & Wm. Sandys, teachers, 15l.

„ Carroll, W. & Son, stucco plastrs.

40 ½ Dockrell, M. & A. milliners, 12l.

41 Mansfield, George, apothecary and accoucheur, 30l.

42 Marchant, Alicia, dressmkr. 26l.

„ Marchant, Thomas, hair dresser

43 Hickey, Thomas, victualler, 22l.

44 O'Connor, Edward, soap boiler and tallow chandler, 24l.

45 Hart, William, clerk, 24l.

46 Jago, Mr. Charles B. 20l.

47 Vacant, 32l.

48 Manning, Mr. Robert, 18l.

here Charlotte-street and Camden-street, Upper, intersect.

49 Brown, William, organ builder, 38l.

50 Drury, W. B. barrister, 34l.

51 Mathers, James, solicitor, 31l.

„ Ruthven, Charles Wm. solicitor

„ Clarke, William Edward, solicitor

„ Dinnen, John, solicitor

„ Farmer, Walter, esq.

„ Morris, Robert, solicitor

„ M'Lean, James, solicitor

„ Waterson, William Thos. solicitor

„ Searight, James, solicitor

„ Simpson, William, solicitor

„ Simpson, Robert W. solicitor

52 Dwyer, Daniel, surg. m.r.c.s.e. 30l.

53 Castles, Blacker, esq. 31l.

54 Tagert, Rev. Ralph, 31l.

55 Pollock, Mrs. Anne, 34l.

56 Byrne, Miss, 34l.

56 ½ Bateman, Chas. Wm. a.b., t.c.d. 30l.

here Grantham-street intersects

57 Shannon, Robert, & Co. grocers and wine merchants, 44l.

„ Shannon, C. wine merchant

58 Dunne, Sylvester, clerk, 30l.

59 M'Keon, Mrs. Charlotte, 32l.

60 Jackson, Thos. ho. and ornamental painter and room paper wareho.—res. 33 Cullenswood avenue 30l.

61 Vacant, 25l.

62 Donaldson, Mr. William, 27l.

63 Jacob, John Cuth. upholsterer, 30l.

64 Dwyer, J. surveyor and c.e. 27l.

65 Young, Joseph, esq. 28l.

66 Belas, George H. solicitor, and 23 St. Andrew-street, 28l.

67 Tomlinson, William, Hen. surgeon, apothecary, and accoucheur, 28l.

68 Beere, Henry, esq. 29l.

69 Surridge, Fred, cabinetmaker and manuf. of photo. apparatus, &c. 27l.

„ Basilio, Signor Angeli, professor of Italian and Spanish

70 Draper, John, printer, stationer, and account-book manufacturer, 30l.

71 Halloway, Thomas, baker, 28l.

72 and 73 Pillar, Wm. tea and coffee dealer, general grocer, each 30l.

74 Robinson, Shields N. coal importer & colliery agt.—stores, Gloucester street, south, 31l.

75 & 76 Pleasant's Asylum—Miss Gowan, resident matron

77 Mordant, George, grocer and spirit merchant, 38l.

here Pleasant's-street intersects

78 O'Neill, Mrs. lodging house, 27l.

79 Bradley, E.& M. dyers & cleaners, 27l.

80 Fagan and M'Namara, general drapers, 26l.

81 Driscoll, Michael, solicitor, 27l.

82 Brennan, Mr. Michael, 28l.

83 Anderson, Mrs. B. dress & cloak maker, 27l.

84 Barlow, Mr. Edward, 26l.

85 Simpson, Mr. John, 28l.

„ Pigot, Chas. B. manufacturer's agt.

86 Marrin, James, broker, 9l.

„ Quinn, Henry, builder

87 Campbell, George, upholsterer, 35l.

„ Johnston, and Co. bakery

„ Seybourn, William, grocer

88 and 89 O'Neill, Wm. job coach proprietor and undertaker, livery for horses, &c. 80l.

90 Plunket, James, pawnbroker, 27l.

91 Gaynor, John, confectioner, 21l.

92 M'Cormick, John, grocer, tea, wine, and spirit merchant, 27l.

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