Temple-street, lower

SourceThom's Almanac and Official Directory for the Year 1862

From Britain-street, Great, to Gardiner's-place.

P. St. George.—1 to 10 Mountjoy W. 11 to 27 Rotunda W.—City.

1 Connolly, P. marine stores

„ Ryan, Michael, boot & shoemaker

St. George's Chapel, or Little George's—Rev. Samuel Eccles, d.d. minister

2 Keon, Peter, pawnbroker, 18l.

„ Healy, John, tailor

3 Connolly, P. marine stores, 12l.

4 Hyland, William, locksmith and bellhanger, 14l.

here Temple-lane intersects

5 Moore, Andrew, dairy, 16l.

6 Tenements, 12l.

here Temple-court intersects

7 Gorman, Bernard, machine chimney sweeper, 7l.

8 Ryan, Mchl. boot & shoe mak. 18l.

here Temple-place intersects

9 Lynch, Wm. boot & shoe maker, 13l.

10 Egan, Edward, vintner, 18l.

here Grenville-street intersects

11 Creighton, Bridget, broker, 12l.

[12 to 14—15l. to 16l.]

12 Lynch, Wm. boot & shoemkr.

13 Duffy, Jas. provision dealer,

14 Brennan, B. clothier,

15 Sullivan, Thomas, prov. dlr.

16 Butler, Bridget, provision dlr. 13l.

17 Reilly, Hugh, dairy, 11l.

here Bath-lane intersects

18 Gay, P. bootmaker, 11l.

„ Wingrove, Jas. carpenter & builder

Medical and Turkish Baths—Dr. Barry, superintendent, 40l.

here Gardiner's-place and Denmark-street, Great, intersect.

19 Brennan, Sylvester, grocer & spirit stores, 17l.

20 Bell, Mrs. trimming shop, 12l.

here Douglas-place intersects

21 Tenements, 10l.

22 Alderdice, Wm. boot maker, 18l.

23 to 25 Tenements, each 11l.

26 Keely, Daniel, plumber, 10l. 10s.

27 Rebuilding

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