Temple-street, Upper

SourceThom's Almanac and Official Directory for the Year 1862

From Gardiner's-place to Hardwicke-pl.

P. St. George.—Rotunda W.—City.

1 Devitt, Henry, barrister, 38l.

2 Cuthbertson, James, m.d. and apothecary, 38l.

3 Finlay, Mrs. 44l.

4 Kirwan, Walter P. solicitor to the Midland Railway Co. Ireland, 46l.

„ Bath, Joseph Henry, sol. & Galway

5 Maley, George Orme, barrister, 46l.

6 Johnston, Mrs. 47l.

7 Carmichael, Thomas, solicitor, 48l.

„ Carmichael, Rev. Robert, f.t.c.d. and 5 College

8 Bomford, Isaac, esq. 46l.

9 Brady, Thomas, m.d. 48l.

10 M'Donnell, Alex. a.b. & f.r.c.s.i. 50l.

11 Ponder, George, esq. 50l.

„ Ponder, Wm. J. a.b. solicitor, sub-sheriff of the city of Dublin

„ Ponder, George, jun. barrister

12 Mills, Henry, solicitor, 52l.

13 Lawless, Edmd. Byrne, bar. q.c. 50l.

here Nerney's-court intersects

14 Vacant, 85l.

15 Wilson, Joseph, merchant, 110l.

16 Waters, George, barrister, 35l.

here Hardwicke-place intersects

17 Fyffe, John, esq. 46l.

„ Fyffe, John, jun. a.b. solicitor

„ Elliott, Wm. Robt. sol. & Strabane

„ Proctor, George, solicitor, and Newtownlimavady

„ Knox, Robert, a.b. sol. and Derry

„ Sheppard, Francis, sol. & Roscrea, commis. of acknowledgment of deeds by married women, and master extraor. of Court of Chancery for co. Tipperary

„ Lishgrow, Jas. sol. & Londonderry

„ Lane, Michl. B. solicitor, and Derry

„ Doherty, James W. solicitor

18 Smyth, Henry, esq. 48l.

19 Murray, Sir James, m.d. & surgeon, inspector of anatomy, 60l.

20 Rorke, John, solicitor, and registrar to the Right Hon. Justice Ball, and examr. of Court of Common Pleas, and Tyrrelstown, co. Dublin, 55l.

21 Norman, Alexander, barrister, 57l.

„ Law, Henry B. esq.

22 Humphrys, Henry, merchant, 48l.

23 Macintosh, Mrs. 48l.

24 Leech, Charles, barrister, 47l.

here Graham's-court intersects

25 Stuart, Rev. David, d.d. 60l.

„ Stuart, The Misses, select seminary

26 Cowley, James, solicitor, 50l.

27 Sutton, Miss, 36l.

„ O'Rorke, Mrs.

28 Poe, James, solicitor, and proctor of the prerogative court of Ossory, and Kilkenny, 45l.

29 M'Devitt, Mrs. 45l.

30 Tickelle, The Misses, seminary, 42l.

31 Blake, Robert, merchant, and 12 and 13 Denmark-street, great, 50l.

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