SourceThom's Almanac and Official Directory for the Year 1862

From Margaret-place to Wellesley-place.

P. St. George.—1 to 10 Mountjoy W. 11 to 19 Rotunda W.—City.

1 Callanan, Mr. William, g.p.o. 15l.

2 Byrne, Miss, 15l.

3 Blezard, Miss, 15l.

4 Pigott, George, esq. 15l.

5 Crawford, Miss, 20l.

6 Russell, Miss, 17l.

7 Tatlow, Mrs. 21l.

8 Crawcour, Charles, esq. 21l.

9 King, Richard, esq. 21l.

„ King, Richard, jun. solicitor, and 13 Upper Ormond quay

10 Purcell, Mrs. 21l.

*11 Maher, Thomas, flour factor

here Wellesley-place intersects

*11 Huston, Mrs. Eliza, 21l.

12 Briscoe, Mrs. 20l.

13 Davern, Michael, esq. 20l.

14 Cottingham, James C. esq. 20l.

„ Robinson, Robert, esq.

15 Dagg, Mrs. 21l.

16 Doyle, Anthony, esq. 22l.

17 Gamble, Mrs. 20l.

18 Vacant, 20l.

19 Mulligan, Mr. M. 20l.

Mountjoy Brewery—Findlater and Co. brewers, 440l.

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