SourceThom's Almanac and Official Directory for the Year 1862

From Sherrard-street, Lr. to Russell-st.

P. St. George.—Rotunda W.—City.

here Anne-street, North-east, and Portland-street, North, intersect.

1 Mathews, Thomas, and Co., brewers and maltsters, 92l.

2 Wallis, Robert, esq. 36l.

3 Walsh, George, esq. 34l.

4 Morgan, Mrs. Elizabeth, 31l.

5 Porter, Mrs. Anne, 30l.

6 Sidney, James W. esq. 25l.

„ Sidney, Richard F. solicitor

7 O'Flanagan, Jas. Rodk. barrister, 25l.

Fitzgibbon cottage—Jas. Whyte, surgeons' artist and cutler

here Russell-st. and Fitzgibbon-st. intersect

8 Lyndon, Patrick Francis, grocer & provision dealer, 15l.

„ Lyndon, Patrick, assist. inspector of letter carriers, g.p.o.

9 Arkin, Matthew, esq. 10l.

10 Cantwell, James, cab owner, 17l.

11 Briscoe, Joseph, coach builder, 15l.

12 Hennessy, Mr. John, 15l.

13 Nunn, Joshua, esq. 15l.

14 Kissane, John Richard, esq. 15l.

15 Radcliffe, John, esq. 20l.

16 Crawford, Mrs. 28l.

„ Howard, Francis John, barrister

17 Murray, Mrs. 36l.

18 Meurant, Mrs. 32l.

19 Asylum for Old Men—Eldred Oldham, esq. secretary, 12 Westmoreland-st.

20 Moit, Mr. William 14l.

21 Savage, E. esq. 14l.

22 Dunne, Miss, 14l.

23 Morgan, Mr. Michael, 11l.

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