Portadown, County Armagh

From the Belfast and Ulster Towns Directory for 1910

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Adams, Francis, Clownagh
Alexander, T., Artabrackagh
Anderson, Robert, Drumnakelly
Anderson, John, Ballyoran
Anderson, R., Ballyworkan
Annett, J. I., Ballyworkan
Armsby, Robert, Drumnasoo
Armstrong, R. H., Ballyworkan
Armstrong, James, Baltylum
Atkinson, James, Clownagh
Atkinson, John, Ballyworkan
Atkinson, W. H., coroner for North
Armagh, Gleneyre house
Babe, Isaac, Ballyworkan
Ballentine, Joseph, Ballyworkan
Balmer, Anne, Drumnasoo
Barreskill, Wm., Minorca house, Ballyworkan
Baxter, Fred., Ballyworkan
Beckett, Wm., Mullantine
Benjamin, James, Ballyworkan
Bennett, Isabella, Ballyworkan
Benson, Joseph, Ballyoran
Berry, John, Clownagh
Black, James, Annagh
Black, Alice, Annagh
Black, Matthew, Ballyworkan
Black, Robert, Ballyworkan
Black, Joseph, Drumnasoo
Black, John, Drumnasoo
Black, Rachel, Ballyworkan
Black, Ben., Artabrackagh
Black, John, Drumnakelly
Black, Thomas, Drumnasoo
Blakeley, Thomas, Ballyworkan
Blakeney, Anne, Clownagh
Boyd, James, Clownagh
Breen, John, Selshion
Brown, F., Corcullentraghbeg
Brownlee, Joseph, Drumnasoo
Brownlee, S., Artabrackagh
Brownlee, Eliza, Drumnasoo
Bryson, T. P., Corcullentramore
Burns, Jane, Mullantine
Burrell, Thomas, Drumnasoo
Calvin, John, Fir Grove
Campbell, John, Baltylum
Campbell, Wm., Ballyworkan
Campbell, Eliza, Ballyworkan
Camblin, J., Drumnakelly
Cassidy, George, Ballyworkan
Cassidy, Charles, Ballyworkan
Cassidy, C, jun., Ballyworkan
Church, W. J., Ballyworkan
Church, John, Ballyworkan
Clayton, W. J., Drumnakelly
Clayton, Edward, Clownagh
Clayton, Charles, Clownagh
Clayton, M. A., Clownagh
Clements, A., Corcullentramore
Cochrane, T., Ballyworkan
Comerton, Rose, Selshion
Conlon, Henry, Mullatine
Conn, Sarah, Baltylum
Conn, William, Selshion
Conn, W., jun., Drumnakelly
Conn, William, Drumnakelly
Conn, W., jun., Baltylum
Conn, Samuel, Drumnakelly
Cook, John, Corcullentraghbeg
Cooke, Wm. J., Selshion
Cooke, George, Ballyoran
Cooper, John, Ballyoran
Cooper, Thomas, Annagh
Corkin, Samuel, Annagh
Cranson, Robert, Drumnasoo
Cranston, Wm., Drumnasoo
Cranston, John, Clownagh
Creally, Thomas, Drumnasoo
Creggan, S., Corcullentraghmore, etc.
Creggan, James, Kilmoriarty
Crosbie, A. Wm., Maghon
Crosbie, F. E., Mahon
Crothers, James, Clownagh
Crummy, J., Artabrackagh
Cullen, James, Ballyworkan
Curry, John, Clownagh
Daly, George, Corcullentragh
Darling, William, Kilmoriarty
Davison, Robert, Clownagh
Dawson, David, Ballyworkan
Dermott, Robert, Drumnakelly
Dermott, John, Ballyworkan
Devine, Charles, Kilmoriarty
Dickson, John, sub-postmaster, Mullantine
Doherty, Wm., Kilmoriarty
Duke, Richard, Drumnasoo
Duke, John, Drumnasoo
Duke, William, Drumnasoo
Dunn, William, Kilmoriarty
Dunlop, Joseph, Kilmoriarty
Elliott, Robert, Artabrackagh
Elliott, Charles, Ballyworkan
Elliott, James, Ballyworkan
Elliott, Eliza, Ballyworkan
England, Jane, Baltylum
Farley, John, Annagh
Fearon, M., Drumnakelly
Fearon, B., Artabrackagh
Fearon, Margaret, Ballyworkan
Fearon, Jane, Selshion
Fearon, Anna E., Ballyoran
Fforde, John, jun., Mullantine
Finlay, A., Corcullentraghmore
Finn, Jane, Kilmoriarty
Flavell, Thomas, Kilmoriarty
Forbes, D., Drumnakelly
Forbes, Robert, Drumnakelly
Forde, J. (Jos.), Kilmoriarty
Forde, David, Mullantine
Forde, J. D., Mullantine
Foster, George, Clownagh
Foy, Wm. John, Clownagh
Fullerton, F. G., Kilmoriarty
Furphy, John, Selshion
Gallery, Patrick, Clownagh
Gates, James, Mullantine
Gibson, Chris., Mullantine
Gillis, Joseph, Annagh
Girling, G. P., solicitor, Hannahvale house
Gordon, John, Clownagh
Graham, S. J., Artabrackagh
Graham, James, Annagh
Grimes, Edward, Annagh
Grimes, Thomas, Drumnasoo
Grimason, T. G., Kilmoriarty
Grimason, Mary J., Clownagh
Grimshaw, William, Kilmoriarty
Guy, Mary A., Clownagh
Haddock, R., Kilmoriarty
Hall, Fanny, Baltylum
Hall, Charles, Artabrackagh
Hamill, Thomas, Clownagh
Hamilton, John, Kilmoriarty
Hamilton, Alex., Ballyworkan
Hampton, John, Ballyworkan
Hanna, Richard, Annagh
Hanratty, James, Baltylum
Harbinson, T. K., J.P., Cornascriebe house
Harcourt, James, Ballyworkan
Hare, James, Selshion
Harris, John, Clownagh
Harrison, John, Ballyworkan
Heaney, S. J., Drumnasoo
Hegan, H., Oakfield, President Mid-Ulster F.A.
Henderson, J., Kilmoriarty
Henderson, Thomas, Clownagh
Hewitt, Robert J., Drumnasoo
Hewitt, Jon., Drumnakelly
Hewitt, John, Drumnakelly
Hewitt, Wm. J., Ballyworkan
Hewitt, James, Artabrackagh
Hewitt, R. J., Artabrackagh
Hewitt, John, Ballyworkan
Hewitt, Ann, Artabrackagh
Hewitt, Christina, Drumnasoo
Hewitt, Caro., Drumnakelly
Hewitt, Sarah, Clownagh
Hobson, Rev. E. W., Clownagh
Hobson, Joseph, Drumnasoo
Hodgens, Joseph, Annagh
Holland, William, Ballyoran
Honeyford, J., Corcullentraghmore
Hoy, John, Ballyworkan
Hughes, Edward, Annagh house
Hughes, Charles, Maghon
Hull, Amelia, Baltylum
Hunter, D. R., Artabrackagh
Hyde, T., overseer G.P.O., Drumcree cottage
Irwin, J. Thomas, Drumnakelly
Jackson, John, Ballyworkan
Jackson, H., Corcullentraghbeg
Jackson, Wm., Ballinteggart
Jameson, W. Alex., Ballyworkan
Johnston, George, Clownagh
Johnston, Thomas, Clownagh
Jones, John, Clownagh
Jones, Joshua, Annagh
Jones, Stewart, Maghon
Jones, John, Annagh
Jones, Isa., Ballyworkan
Kearns, James, Kilmoriarty
Keegan, John, Artabrackagh
Keenan, Bridget, Clownagh
Kelter, John, Artabrackagh
Kinney, James, Artabrackagh
Kinney, John, Drumnasoo
Lappin, Francis, Ballyoran
Lappin, James, Ballyoran
Lappin, William, Drumnakelly
Lappin, G., Corcullentraghbeg
Lappin, W., Corcullentraghbeg
Lappin, Isabella, Baltylum
Lavery, John, Selshion
Lavery, John, Mullantine
Laverty, Margaret, Drumnakelly
Leckie, John, Ballyworkan
Liggett, Susan, Ballyworkan
Lisk, Mary Jane, Maghon
Little, Hugh, Ballyoran
Locke, Silas, Clownagh
Loughead, James, Derryhale
Lutton, John, Baltylum
Lutton, Robert, Baltylum
Macrory, James, Artabrackagh
Magee, Susan, Annagh
Magee, W., Corcullentraghmore
Magee, W. J., Kilmoriarty
Magowan, John, Ballyworkan
Magowan, James, Artabrackagh
Mahaffy, J., Drumnakelly
Mahaffy, Edward, Ballyoran
Mallagh, J., Kilmoriarty
Mallagh, H., Corcullentraghbeg
Mallon, Francis, Clownagh
Marley, Eliza, Baltylum
Marley, Margaret, Kilmoriarty
Marley, T., Corcullentraghbeg
Marley, Patrick, Ballyoran
Martin, D., Corcullentraghmore
Matthews, James, Drumnakelly
May, James, Mullantine
Maye, Jane, Mullantine
Miller, John, Ballyworkan
Milligan, Thomas, Ballyworkan
Minnis, Frances, Ballyworkan
Mitchell, James, Clownagh
Moates, Thomas, Clownagh
Moates, George, Clownagh
Montgomery, G., Artabrackagh
Morgan, James, Baltylum
Morrison, John, Kilmoriarty
Morrison, Eliza, Mullantine
Morrow, Joseph, Drumnakelly
Morrow, Hugh, Ballyworkan
Morrow, Thomas, Ballyworkan
Mulholland, Joseph, Baltylum
Mulholland, T., Ballyworkan
Murphy, Mary, Drumnakelly
Murphy, James, Ballyworkan
Murphy, J., Artabrackagh
M'Adam, W. J., Ballyworkan
M'Adam, Matthew, Selshion
M'Anally, T. H., Corcullentraghmore
M'Atasney, Elizabeth, Armagh
M'Birney, J., Drumnakelly
M'Broom, S., Kilmoriarty
M'Caffrey, Charles, Ballyworkan
M'Cann, E., Corcullentraghmore
M'Cann, M., Kilmoriarty
M'Cann, Wm., Clownagh
M'Cann, Henry, Ballyworkan
M'Clatchey, Mary, Annagh
M'Clatchey, James, Drumnakelly
M'Cartney, Robert, Clownagh
M'Clean, Francis, Annagh
M'Clelland, W., Corcullentraghbeg
M'Comb, David, Drumnasoo
M'Comb, J., Corcullentraghbeg
M'Comb, Henry, Drumnasoo
M'Comb, Thomas, Clownagh
M'Connell, S., Drumnasoo
M'Connell, James, Mullantine
M'Conville, D., Corcullentraghbeg
M'Coo, David, Selshion
M'Cormick, R., Corcullentraghbeg
M'Court, John, Selshion
M'Court, George, Ballyoran
M'Dowell, Robert, Ballyoran
M'Fadden, J. E., Ballyworkan
M'Geown, R., Artabrackagh
M'Grane, P., Artabrackagh
M'Ilroy, Val., Kilmoriarty
M'Intyre, Miller, Clownagh
M'Kee, William, Mullantine
M'Keown, William, Clownagh
M'Kernan, Peter, Ballyworkan
M'Kew, James, Drumnakelly
M'Mahon, J., Corcullentraghbeg
M'Murray, Thomas, Ballyoran
M'Murray, Alex., Mullantine
M'Murray, James, Annagh
M'Neill, Mary, Clownagh
M'Nally, James, Drumnasoo
M'Reynolds, J., Corcullentraghmore
M'Veigh, H., Drumnasoo
Neill, Robert, Clownagh
Nelson, J., Artabrackagh
Nesbitt, Margaret, Drumnakelly
Nichols, H., Corcullentraghbeg
Noble, John, Ballyworkan
O'Hanlon, J., sen., Ballyworkan
O'Hanlon, J., jun., Ballyworkan
O'Neill, James, Selshion
Parker, Wm., Artabrackagh
Paul, William, Ballyworkan
Peacock, William, Drumnakelly
Pentland, Jeremiah, Ballyworkan
Pentland, John, Ballyworkan
Pentland, William, Drumnakelly
Pentland, Meredith, Annagh
Pentland, Sarah, Ballyworkan
Pentland, Eliza, Drumnakelly
Pentland, Anne, Drumnakelly
Pentland, D., Drumnakelly
Pentland, James, Drumnakelly
Pepper, J. W., Ballyworkan
Pepper, James, Ballyworkan
Perry, John, Drumnakelly
Pickering, J. A., Clownagh
Preston, James, Baltylum
Purdy, David, Clownagh
Quinn, Albert, Ballyworkan
Quinn, John, Drumnasoo
Quinn, Emma, Ballyworkan
Quinn, M. J., Ballyworkan
Quinn, Lucy, Drumnasoo
Raymond, Hugh, Selshion
Reavy, J., Artabrackagh
Redmond, Edward, Baltylum
Retalic, George, Clownagh
Reynolds, F., Kilmoriarty
Reynolds, Ann, Kilmoriarty
Rice, Mary, Artabrackagh
Ripley, Thomas A., Ciownagh
Robinson, J., Corcullentraghmore
Robinson, Patrick, Annagh
Robinson, W., sen., Kilmoriarty
Robinson, W. J., Ballyworkan
Ruddell, Isaiah, Drumnasoo
Russell, Eliza, Drumnakelly
Ryans, John, Ballyworkan
Sinton, James, Drumnakelly
Sloan, A. G., Ballyworkan house
Sloan, James, Maghon
Sloan, Samuel, Ballyoran
Smith, M. A., Artabrackagh
Smith, Michael, Artabrackagh
Smith, Henry, Annagh
Spence. Lewis, Mullantine
Stevenson, M., Ballyoran
Stevenson, Thomas, Selshion
Stevenson, William, Clownagh
Stewart, John, Ballyworkan
Stewart, Margaret, Artabrackagh
Swift, W. R., Ballyworkan
Swift, E. G., Drumnakelly
Sutton, Thomas, Clownagh
Taggart, S., Artabrackagh
Teggart, R. J., Mullantine
Thompson, M. J., Ballyworkan
Thompson, H., Ballyworkan
Thompson, Thomas, Clownagh
Thompson, A., Baltylum
Timmons, Joseph, Ballyworkan
Timmons, Henry, Ballyworkan
Timmons, R. G., Artabrackagh
Timmons, John, Drumnasoo
Tinman, T., Kilmoriarty
Tobias, Thomas, Drumnakelly
Todd, John, Clownagh
Tomlinson, Wm., Drumnakelly
Topley, James, Annagh
Topping, T. J., Ballyoran
Totten, Thomas, Clownagh
Totten, Ann, Drumnakelly
Trouton, James, Artabrackagh
Trotter, James, Ballyworkan
Tuft, Isabella, Annagh
Turner, Albert, Maghon
Turner, James, Mullantine
Vaughan, James, Baltylum
Walker, W., Corcullentraghmore
Waugh, Joseph, Selshion
Weir, William, Artabrackagh
Weir, John, Clownagh
Weir, John, Mullantine
Weir, William, Clownagh
Whaley, Thomas, Kilmoriarty
Woods, John, Ballyworkan
Wright, John, Artabrackagh
Wright, J., jun., Artabrackagh
Wright, James, Artabrackagh
Wolsey, Ben., Kilmoriarty
Wright, James, Drumnakelly
Wright, Absolom, Maghon
Wolsey, H., Drumnakelly
Wright, John, Baltylum
Wright, A., Artabrackagh
Whitten, William, Clownagh
Wright, James, Drumnasoo
Wright, Thomas, Clownagh
Wright, James, Artabrackagh
Wright, Eliza, Ballyworkan

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The Belfast and Province of Ulster Directory for 1852

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