Portaferry, County Down

From the Belfast and Ulster Towns Directory for 1910

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33 miles from Belfast and 9 miles from Downpatrick Railway Station. Seaport and Market Town. Herring Fisheries. Mails are road borne, and leave G.P.O., Belfast, at 6 a.m. Market day, Saturday. Fairs, 31st July and 12th December, second Tuesday of each month. Population, 1,514

POST OFFICE and Telegraph Office

—Mrs. M'Fadden, postmistress Commissioners for taking Affidavits for Chancery and Law Courts—T. A. Warnock and James Elliott R.I. Constabulary Station—Sergeant Reynolds Petty Sessions—S. F. L. Neely, clerk; commissioner of oaths for Supreme Court of Judicature in Ireland Harbour Master—Samuel Nelson


Church of Ireland—Rev. George S. Greer, M.A. Presbyterian Church—Rev. John Boyd, B.A. Methodist Church—Rev. J. Robinson Roman Catholic Church—Rev. H. M'Gorian, P.P.


Dispensary—Dr. Edward Smith, M.B. Belfast Bank, Ltd. (branch)—W. E. Rodgers, manager Church (Mixed) National School—Mrs. Tanner Presbyterian (Mixed) School—Mr. Stewart Chapel (Mixed) School—R. Denvir, teacher


Anderson, John, hardware merchant
Bailie, John, grocer and carpenter
Baird, Edward, tailor
Barrie, H. T., potato merchant
Baxter, Henry, relieving officer and bailiff for Portaferry estate
Beck, Hugh, carpenter
Bell & M'Cartan, solicitors, Portaferry (office every Tuesday)
Beringer, Frederick, watchmaker, clockmaker
Brown, Misses, millinery warehouse
Brown, Mrs. Hugh, grocer
Brown, Wm., grocer & hardware merchant
Brownlow, Charles, J.P., estate agent for Portaferry
Carvill, James, butcher
Carvill, John, spirit merchant
Caughey, John, painter and decorator
Caughey, Mrs. James
Cavan, Mrs. William, Kearney
Cavan, W., grocer
Combe, Mrs.
Rock Angus Hotel
Crangle, Emily, grocer and publican
Crangle, Isabella, publican
Crangle, Patrick, J.P., Ballymarter
Cummings, Mrs.
Darragh, W., cashier Belfast Bank
Dodds, Alex., cabinetmaker & auctioneer
Donaldson Bros., blacksmiths
Donaldson, David, merchant tailor & draper
Donaldson, Mrs. David, draper
Donaldson, Wm., blacksmith
Elliott, James, J.P., merchant
Elliott, J. R. M., agent for the Royal Fire Insurance Co.
Elliott & Co., grain, coal, potato merchants, and posting establishment
Ellison, Henry, saddler
Fleming, R. J., clerk
Glass, R. J., Waraparila house
Gracey, Arthur, Tooshilly
Greer, John, J.P.
Greer, Rev. G. S., Ballyphillip Rectory
Gunning, Miss Hester, Church street
Halligan, Rev., curate
Hannigan, Thomas, grocer and spirit dealer
Hastings, Hugh Kearney
Hunter, P., landsteward to Colonel Nugent
Ker, Miss, Quinton Castle
Kerr, Mrs., Ballyfindra
Kerr, William, Ballyfindra
Kennell, Mr., manager potato mills, Ballyherley
Kirkpatrick, Alex., Ballytrustan
Lawson, D., & Son, drapers and haberdashers
Lennon, James, Ballynickle
Little, Francis, J.P., Mountross house
Magee, James, grocer
Magee, James, saddle and harness maker
Magee, Mrs., spirit dealer
Mahood, Captain William
Mahood, Thomas, ship carpenter
Manown, John
Mawhinney, Mrs., butcher
Maxwell, James, Corrick
Moreland, John, Corrick house
Morrow, William, tailor
M'Cappin, Thomas, butcher and grocer
M'Causland, David, Ballydock
M'Causland, J., Ballyhenry farm
M'Comb, John, Ballyquinton
M'Comb, Misses, Ferry street
M'Convey, James, spirit dealer and grocer
M'Cormick, Samuel, Ardkeen
M'Cullen, Miss, Strand
M'Donald, Dr. Mark, M.B., Ferry street
M'Donnell, James, The White House
M'Donnell, James, & Son, grocers
M'Donnell, John, Ballyspurge
M'Donnell, Mrs. John, Belleadom
M'Dowell, Miss, sewed muslin agent
M'Gee, Charles, spirit dealer, Church street
M'Giffert, W. T., Killydressy
M'Grath, Henry, grocer, spirit dealer, and auctioneer
M'Grath, James, grocer and spirit dealer
M'Grattan, Henry, Tara
M'Ilroy, gardener to Mr. R. J. Glass
M'Math, Mary, grocer
M'Meckan, John, Thomastown house
M'Mullan, Wm., grain & potato merchant
M'Nab, John, Kintagh
M'Nab, Patrick, Parsonhall
M'Polin, Daniel, publican and grocer
M'Veigh, Andrew, postman
M'Veigh, George, shoemaker
Nelson, R. & J., ferryboat proprietors
Norton & Co.'s car service, The Square—A. Dodds, agent
O'Prey, Hugh
Orr, The Misses
Park, William, Nugent Arms Hotel
Parkinson, Wm., sexton to the Church of Ireland
Polly, Alex., lodging house keeper, Square
Pyper, William
Ringland, John, baker
Rogan, James, coal filler and stevedore
Rutherford, Mrs.
Russell, W., & Sons, solicitors (office every Tuesday)
Savage, James, Marfield
Savage, Mrs. Maria, grocer & spirit dealer
Savage, The Misses, Marlfield
Savage, Wm., high constable, Upper Ards
Shanks, James, Ballyfounder
Smith, Dr. Edward, M.B., Strand
Somerset, Thomas, & Co., embroidery warehouse
Stewart, Alexander, solicitor
Stewart, Hugh, Quintonbay house
Stewart, R., grocer and ironmonger
Tanner, Jonathan
Torney, Joseph, & Son, auctioneers and valuators
Torney, Thomas, shoemaker
Trainor, J., grocer and spirit dealer
Wallace, H., & Co., solicitors (office every Tuesday)
Warnock, T. A., J.P.
Wilson, Archibald, Ballyginnton
Wilson, David, Tullyncrew
Wilson, Hugh, Derry
Wilson, John, Ballymacnamee
Wilson, Mrs. James, Killydressy
Wilson, Mrs. H., Corrick
Wilson, Hugh, Ballyquinton
Wilson, Samuel, timber merchant & grocer
Young, R.O., J.P., Dunavely house

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