HARTE (No.2)

Of England

From Irish Pedigrees; or the Origin and Stem of the Irish Nation by John O'Hart

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STEPHEN HARTE, of "Westmill, Hertfordshire, England, is the first of the name recorded as living in that Country; where, possibly, his father or grandfather settled after the English invasion of Ireland by King Henry the Second A.D. 1172. From the said Stephen down to the present time the Harte (of England) pedigree, is as follows:—

1. Stephen Harte,[1] of Westmill, Hertfordshire.

2. Havekin, of "Westmill: his son.

3. William, of Westmill: his son; afterwards of Abbotsbury and Papworth, in Cambridgeshire.

4. William, of Papworth: his son; returned to Hertfordshire. This William was twice married:—first, to Mary, daughter of John Humphreys, by whom he had a son and heir named John; secondly, to Alice ——, by whom he had a son named William.

5. John: eldest son of the said William Harte, of Papworth; living A.D. 1430; married to Joane, dau. of William Dayly, of Lincolnshire.

6. William, of St. Dunstan's, in the west of London, and of Ware, in Hertfordshire: son of John; was married to Alice, dau. of Robert Sutton, of London; living in 1480; had a sister named Alice, who was wife of William Callow, of Sholford, Kent, one of the English Judges.

7. John Harte, of the Middle Temple, London, Barrister-at-Law: son of William; married to Elizabeth, daughter of Sir William Peche, Knight, and sister and heir of Sir John Peche, Knight and "Banneret;" died 16th July, 1543; and was buried in St. Mary Cray Church, London.

8. Sir Percival Harte, of Lullington (now "Lullingstone") in Kent, knight: son of John; married Frideswide, daughter of Edward, Lord Bray, and sister and heir of John, Lord Bray; had a sister who was wife of Sir James Stanley; died 21st May, 1580, aged 84 years; was buried at Lullington. Harte (now Hart) of Donegal is, we believe, descended from this Sir Percival; but, as yet, we are unable to trace the descent.

9. Henry Harte: son of Sir Percival; married to Cecily, daughter of Sir Martin Bowes, Knight; died without issue. This Henry had two younger brothers—1. Sir George Harte, of Lullington, also a "Knight of the body to the King," who was married to Elizabeth, daughter of John Bowes, and sister of Sir Hieron and Sir John Bowes, Knights, and who died on the 16 th July, 1587, and was buried at Lullington; 2. Francis Harte, of Halwell, Devonshire, who was the ancestor of Harte of the counties of Clare, Limerick, and Kerry, in Ireland.

10. Sir Percival Harte, of Lullington, Knight: son of the aforesaid Sir George. Sir Percival was twice married: 1st, to Anne, daughter of Sir Roger Man wood, Knight; by whom he had a son named William, who was married to Eliza-beth, daughter of Sir Anthony Weldon, of Swanscombe, Kent, this William died without issue in 1671, and was buried at Lullington. Sir Percival's second wife was Jane, daughter of Sir Edward Stanhope, of Grimstone, knight: the issue of this marriage were—1. Percival Harte, who died without issue; 2. Jerome Harte, obiit, s. p.; 3. Sir Harry Harte, of Lullington, knight, K.B., died (before his father) in 1636; 4. Edward; 5. George. This Sir Percival had three brothers—1. Robert Harte, ob. s. p.; 2. George Harte, 3. Sir Peter Manwode Harte.

11. Sir Percival Harte, of Lullington, knight: son and heir of the aforesaid Sir Harry Harte, who died in 1636; Will proved in 1642; had a brother named George Harte.

12. Percival Harte, of Lullington; son of Sir Percival; married to Sarah, daughter of Edward Dixon, of Hilden; left an only daughter and heir named Anne Harte; died in 1738.

13. Anne Harte; their daughter. This Anne was twice married: first, to John Blunt, of Holcombe Regis, Devonshire, who died without issue, A.D. 1728; secondly, to Sir Thomas Dyke of Horeham, Sussex, baronet, who died in 1756, leaving three sons and one daughter, namely—1. Thomas Hart-Dyke, who died without issue: 2. Sir John Dixon Dyke, of Horeham, baronet; 3. Percival Dyke, who died without issue; and the daughter (whose name was Philadelphia) was married to William Lee, and left four children— 1. William Lee, 2. Philadelphia Lee, 3. Harriet Lee, 4. Louisa Lee. From this marriage of Anne Harte and Sir Thomas Dyke is derived the sirname Hart-Dyke.

14. Sir John Dixon Dyke, of Horeham, baronet: son of Anne Harte and Sir Thomas Dyke; married to Philadelphia, daughter of George Horne, of East Grinstead.

15. Sir Thomas Dyke, of Horeham, baronet; their son; ob., s. p.; had one brother—Sir Percival Hart-Dyke, baronet; and two daughters—1. Philadelphia, 2. Anne. This Sir Percival was married to Anne, eldest daughter of Robert Jenner of Wenvoe Castle, Glamorganshire.

16. Sir Percyvall Hart-Dyke, of Lullingstone Castle, Dartford: their son; d. 1875. This Sir Percyvall, who was born in June, 1799, married Elizabeth, daughter of John Wells, of Bickley, Kent.; and had five brothers and four sisters. The brothers were—1. John Dixon, 2. Francis Hart, 3. Peche Hart, 4. Augustus Hart, 5. Decimus Townshend; and the sisters—1. Harriett-Jenner, 2. Georgiana-Frances, 3. Laura, 4. Philadelphia.

17. Sir William Hart-Dyke, M.P. for Mid-Kent: eldest son of Sir Percyvall; born in August, 1837, and living in 1887; had two brothers and six sisters. The brothers were—1. George Augustus Hart, 2. Reginald-Charles Hart; the sisters were—1. Frances-Julia, 2. Eleanor-Laura, 3. Catherine-Sybella, 4 Sybella-Catherine, 5. Emily-Anne 6. Gertrude. This Sir William Hart-Dyke was married to Lady Emily Caroline Montagu, eldest daughter of the Earl of Sandwich; had a son named Percyvall, born in October, 1871, and a daughter named Lina Mary.

18. Percyvall: son of Sir William Hart-Dyke; living in 1887.

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[1] Stephen Harte: Considering that John Harte, No.5 on this Stem, was living, A.D. 1430, and that between A.D. 1172 (when King Henry II. invaded Ireland) and 1430 there elapsed a period of 258 years, the ancestor of this Stephen Harte, who first settled in England, could have been his father, or at most his grandfather; for, taking 36 years as the average age of each generation of the family, 258 divided by 36 would give seven generations. But the said John was the fifth in descent down from Stephen; then counting back to the said Stephen's grandfather would make at most seven generations. As, therefore, it was at that period (see the foregoing "Harte" pedigree) that the e final was first added to the anglicised form of the Irish name O'h-Airt, there is reason to believe that the said Stephen Harte, of Westmill, Hertfordshire, England, was of Irish origin; and was descended from the O'Hart family.—See the "O'Hart" pedigree.