HARTE (No.3)

Of Clare, Limerick, and Kerry

From Irish Pedigrees; or the Origin and Stem of the Irish Nation by John O'Hart

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FRANCIS HARTE, of Halwell, Devonshire, youngest brother of Henry, who is No.9 on the foregoing genealogy, was the ancestor of Harte, of the counties of Clare, Limerick, and Kerry.

9. Francis Harte, of Halwell: third son of Sir Percival Harte of Lullington, Kent.

10. Rev. Richard Harte: his son. Was Vicar of Rochestown, alias Ballywilliam, in the diocese of Emly; of Adare, in Limerick; and of Stradmore, in Killaloe, A.D. 1615. This Richard married a daughter of John Southwell, of Barham, in Suffolk, and Sister of Sir Richard Southwell, of Singleland, in the county Limerick, knight, and by her had three sons—1. Richard Harte, 2. Percival Harte, 3. Henry Harte, of Carrigdiram in the county Clare, who died intestate in March, 1665.

11. Richard Harte: son of the Rev. Richard; had a grant of the lands of Cloghnamanagh, Ballyboure, and Carriglapon, in the co. Limerick (part of the possessions of the Monastery of Nenagh, in Tipperary), by Patent dated 11th Feb., 1638; Will dated 24th Jan., 1661. This Richard was twice married—by the first wife he left an only son—Richard, of Grangebridge, county Limerick; and by the second, three sons—1. Francis, 2. John, 3. Percival.

12. Richard Harte, of Grangebridge: eldest son of the aforesaid Richard; in 1667 married Elizabeth, dau. of Thomas Amory, of Galy, in Kerry; left three sons—1. Richard, 2. John, 3. Edmond.

13. Richard Harte, of Grange, and of Lisofin, county Clare: eldest son of Richard. Was a Colonel in the Army of King William the Third; was twice married: by the first wife he left an only son named Percival; and by the second wife (who was living a widow A.D. 1697) he had two sons—1. Henry Harte, of Coolrus, whose Will was dated 16th April, 1737, and proved 26th June, 1742; and 2. John Harte, whose only daughter and heir was married to —— Hayes, of Cahirguillamore, in the co. Limerick, who was the father of Jeremiah Hayes, the father of Honora Hayes, who was marrried to Standish O'Grady, the father of Darby (or Dermod) O'Grady, Cahirguillamore.

14. Percival Harte, of Lissofin, in Clare, and of Grange, in Limerick: son of Richard; left two sons—1. Richard, 2. Percival; and a daughter named Anne, who was wife of William Johnson, of Flemingstown, co. Cork. This Percival had a brother named Henry, of Coolruss.

15. Richard Harte, of Grange: son of Percival. This Richard left two daughters—1. Margery, wife of Thomas Franks, of Carrig, in the county Cork, who inherited Grange: 2. Margaret, wife of Robert Bradshaw, of the co. Tipperary—married A.D. 1758, but had no issue. Richard, having left no male issue, was succeeded by his younger brother, Percival Harte, of Lissofin.

16. Sir Richard Harte, of Lissofin and Coolruss: son of said Percival; was knighted by the Duke of Richmond, in 1807; died in 1824. This Sir Richard was twice married: first to Anne, daughter and heir of William Johnson, of Flemingstown, county Cork, by whom he had three sons—1. William Johnson Harte; 2 Percival Harte, who settled in the West Indies; 3. Kilpatrick Harte, who died at School. Sir Richard's second wife was Margaret, daughter of Richard Meredyth, and relict of James Mahony, of Batterfield, in the county Kerry.

17. William Johnson Harte, of Coolruss, Croom, co. Limerick: son of Sir Richard; married in 1796 to Marion, daughter and heir of James Mahony, of Batterfield, in Kerry; died 1814. This William left three sons and six daughters: the sons were—1. Richard, 2. James Mahony Harte, of Batterfield, county Kerry, 3. Rev. William Harte.

18. Richard Harte, of Coolruss: eldest son of William; married Anne, daughter of Andrew Vance,[1] of Rutland-square, Dublin (who d. in 1849), and sister of John Vance, M.P., who died in 1875. This Richard died in 1842.

19. Richard Harte, of Coolruss, Croom, county Limerick: his son; living in 1877; had a sister named Mary Harte, who died in 1859.

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[1] Andrew Vance: See the "Vance" Genealogy.