HARTE (No.1)


From Irish Pedigrees; or the Origin and Stem of the Irish Nation by John O'Hart

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Arms: Same as those of "O'Hart."

ART who is No.101 on the "O'Hart" pedigree, had a brother named Congeal (a quo Teallach Congeal or "The territory of Congeal"), and two sons 1. Donall, Prince of Tara, and ancestor of O'Hart; 2. Lochlann: The descendants of this Lochlann were the first that employed the e final in the anglicised form of their sirname—as Harte, lately Hart.

101. Art; a quo MacArt; and according to MacFirbis, O'Hart.

102.(1) Donall, Ancestor of O'Hart.

102.(2) Lochlann.

103. Teige: son of Lochlann.

104. Fearmara: his son.

105. Teige (2): his son.

106.(1) Fearleighinn.[1] 106.(2) Flannagan.

At this stage in this family pedigree, King Henry the Second of England invaded Ireland, A.D. 1172; and by his Charter to Hugh DeLacey, granting to him the Kingdom of Meath, dispossessed the O'Harts of their patrimony, as Princes of Tara, in that kingdom. Thus dispossessed, the family was scattered: some of them settled in England, some in Scotland, some in France, some in Germany, etc., and some of them remained in Ireland. Branches of them who settled in Leinster called themselves Hart, Hort, and Hartey; in England, Harte, and more lately, Hart; in Scotland, Hart; France, Hart, LeHart, Harts, Hardies, Hardis; in Germany, Hart, Harte, Hartt, Hartz, Hardts, Herdts, etc. In parts of Ireland some of the family anglicised the name Harte, Hairt, Hairtt, Hairtte, Hartte; and, in Scotland, according to MacPherson, Artho, or Arthur.

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[1] Fearleighinn [farlane]: This word means "a lecturer;" while MacLeighinn, means a, scholar, "a student." The name is derived from the Irish fear "a man," and leighionn, "a lesson," "instruction," "erudition;" and implies that the man who was so called was a person of superior education. Some consider that this Fearleighinn was the ancestor of MacFarlane.