TORY, or TORRE, an island, in the parish of TULLAGHOBIGLY, barony of KILMACRENAN, county of DONEGAL, and province of ULSTER, on the north-west coast, three leagues (N. W.) from Horn Head, two leagues (N. E.) from Bloody Farland Point, and 12 miles (S. W.) from Dunfanaghy; containing, in 1835, 70 families. It is about three miles in length and one in breadth, comprising about 1200 acres, of which 205 are arable or pasture, the remainder being mountain or barren sands. Here is a lake called Lough Altin, of considerable extent. Clay is found of different kinds and colours, some of which is made by the inhabitants into earthen vessels capable of resisting a strong heat.

The spinning of flax and wool is carried on to some extent, the females commencing as soon as they are able to sit at the wheel; the men are employed in agriculture and fishing.

On the north point of the island is a lighthouse, in lat. 55°. 16'. 10". and lon. 8°. 15'. erected by the corporation for improving the port of Dublin in 1832: it is a bright fixed light, the lantern elevated 122 feet above the sea at high water, and may be seen for 17 nautical miles when the atmosphere is clear. With southerly winds a vessel may stop on the east side of the island in fair weather. The clay found in one of the churches is held in veneration as a preservative from injuries of any kind, particularly from fire.

Ruins of several ecclesiastical buildings exist here, including those of an abbey of which St. Ernan, the son of St. Colman, was abbot about 650; another yet presents a steeple 64 feet high and 54 feet in circumference. Here are also two stone crosses, one 7 feet, the other 3 feet, in length. About a mile further off are the ruins of an old building, called by the inhabitants Ballaas Castle.

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