RICHARDSTOWN, a parish, in the barony of ARDEE, county of LOUTH, and province of LEINSTER, 2 ¾ miles (E.) from Ardee, on the road to Annagasson; containing 537 inhabitants. This parish is bounded on the north by the river Dee, which separates it from the parish of Stabannon; and comprises, according to the Ordnance survey, 1089 ¾ statute acres, which are nearly divided in equal portions between pasture and tillage. The land is generally of good quality, but those parts near the river are frequently overflowed; the system of agriculture is improving: the principal manure is lime, which is brought from Ardee, whence turf also is procured, there being no bog in the parish. The river is only partially navigable here. The obstructions in its bed are chiefly from eel weirs and a wall built across its old bed, at the bleach-green at Drumgoolstown. Richardstown Castle, the seat of J. H. Dawson, Esq., a structure of great strength and antiquity, has been partly modernised and embellished with new turrets by the proprietor, and converted into a handsome residence; it is situated in a highly improved demesne of 153 acres. The spinning and weaving of linen are carried on in some of the farm-houses. It is a vicarage, in the diocese of Armagh, forming part of the union of Stabannon; the rectory is impropriate in Viscount Ferrard.

The tithes amount to £117. 17. 4., the whole of which is payable to the impropriator.

In the R. C. divisions it is part of the union of Dunleer. There are some remains of an old chapel near the castle, in tolerable preservation, with a baptismal font, and a vase for holy water in the wall near the door. There is also a well, called Sunday well, formerly held in great veneration.

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