RAM'S ISLAND, in the parish of GLENAVY, barony of UPPER MASSEREENE, county of ANTRIM, and province of ULSTER; the population is returned with the parish. This small island, which is situated about two miles from the eastern shore of Lough Neagh, comprises, according to the Ordnance survey, 6a. 3r. 23p.: it is partially planted with fruit trees and otherwise improved and ornamented, and with the remains of its ancient round tower forms an interesting object from the shores of the lake. The tower, of which 43 feet still remain, is divided into three stories, and has an entrance on the south-west nearly level with the ground; in the second story is a window facing the south-east, and in the third is another facing the north. About 5 ½ feet from the ground are the remains of some letters or characters cut on the stones in the interior, but so obliterated by time as to be now illegible.

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