Linen is extensively manufactured, chiefly in the cabins of the poor, many of which, particularly in the mountainous districts, are furnished with a loom: the cloth is generally sold grey, and sent elsewhere to be bleached, although there are two extensive bleach-greens near Westport, and another at Turlough.

At Ballyclare is a very extensive manufactory of linens, unions, diapers, and sheetings: friezes, flannels, and woollen stockings are made in all parts; the chief markets for the sale of them are Castlebar and Westport.

A manufacture of straw-plat for hats and bonnets has been introduced: kelp is made in large quantities on all parts of the coast.

The increasing demand for grain, chiefly oats for Liverpool, aided by the establishment of corn-buyers in the sea-ports, has given rise to a considerable export trade, for which Killala, Ballina, Newport, and Westport are the chief marts.

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