Ó Leathlobhair

Rev Patrick Woulfe

Ó LEATHLOBHAIR—IO Lalour, O Lawler, O'Lalor, Lalor, Lawlor, Lawler; 'descendant of Leathlobhar' (half-leper); the name of an Ulidian family, descended from Leathlobhar, King of Ulidia, who died in the year 871. The Uí Leathlobhair are mentioned in the Annals in the early part of the 10th century as kings of Dalradia and Ulidia, but after that period they disappear from history. Another family of the name, kinsmen of the O'Moores, were one of the 'seven septs of Leix.' They were seated at Dysart Enos, near the Rock of Dunamase, from which they were driven by the English family of Pigott in the reign of Elizabeth, and dispersed through Leinster. A remnant of them was transplanted, together with the O'Moores, to Kerry, in the early part of the 17th century, and their descendants are now numerous and respectable in that county. There was also a family of the name in Co. Monaghan.

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