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AuthorRev Patrick Woulfe
SourceIrish Names and Surnames

Ó LACHTNÁIN—IO Laghnane, O Loghnane, O Loughnane, O Loughton, Laughnan, Loughnane, Loughnan, Loughrane, Loughran, Lawton, (Loughlan, Loughlin, O'Loughlin, MacLoughlin, Loftus); 'descendant of Lachtnán' (diminutive of Lachtna, grey); the name of several distinct families in different parts of Ireland, as:— (1) Ó Lachtnáin of Mayo, also called Ó Lachtna (which see), who were chiefs of the district called the Two Bacs, now the parish of Bacs, and of Glen Nephin, in the barony of Tirawley, and are still numerous in Connacht, but often disguise their name under the anglicised form of Loftus. This family gave bishops to various sees in Connacht in the 13th and 14th centuries. (2) Ó Lachtnáin of Teffia, a midland family who were anciently chiefs of Teathbha, in the present counties of Longford and Westmeath. (3) Ó Lachtnáin of Oriel, who were anciently chiefs of Mughdorn Breagh, which O'Donovan places in the north of Meath, where it adjoins the county of Monaghan. (4) Ó Lachtnáin of Ui Maine, who were followers of O'Kelly. (5) Ó Lachtnáin of Cinel Eoghain; and (6) Ó Lachtnáin of Siol Muireadhaigh, both mentioned by MacFirbis. In the 16th century, it was also found in Co. Down, Kilkenny, Tipperary and Cork. It is often corrupted to Ó Lochláin, anglicised Loughlin and MacLoughlin, and to Ó Lochráin, anglicised Loughrane, Loughran. Lawton is now the anglicised form in Co. Cork.

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