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Ó hANRADHÁIN—I—O'Hanrahan, O'Hourihane, O Harraghan, O Horoghane, O Hourigan, O Harragan, O Horigane, O Horgane, O Hawrane, O Howrane, Hanrahan, Hourihane, Hourigan, Horrigan, Haran, Horan, Horgan, &c.; 'descendant of Anradhán,' (diminutive of anradh, warrior, champion); variously corrupted in different parts of Ireland to Ó hAnracháin, Ó hAnnracháin, Ó hAnnragáin, Ó hArracháin, Ó hArragáin, Ó hArgáin, Ó hAnnráin, Ó hIonráin, &c.; the name (1) of a Dalcassian family in Thomond, where it is still very common (see Ó hAnracháin); (2) of a West Cork family who were anciently erenaghs of Ross (see Ó hAnnracháin); (3) of a Leix family who were anciently chiefs of Ui Creamhthainn, a district lying around the rock of Dunamase, in the present Leix (see Ó hArragáin and Ó hArgáin); and (4) of a Meath family who were formerly chiefs of Corca Raoidhe, now the barony of Corcaree, in Co. Westmeath (see Ó hIonráin and Ó hIonnráin). Ó hAnnragáin (which see) appears to be a Tipperary form of this surname. The different forms are now very widely scattered.

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