Ó Dubhlaoich

Rev Patrick Woulfe

Ó DUBHLAOICH—IO Dowlee, O Dowley, O Dooly, Dowley, Dooley, Dooly; 'descendant of Dubhlaoch' (black hero). There are three distinct families of this name, viz.: (1) Ó Dubhlaoich of Feara Tulach who are of the race of Feidlimidh, son of Enna Ceinnsealach, and before the Anglo-Norman invasion were lords of Feara Tulach, now the barony of Fertullagh, in the south-east of Co. Westmeath. They were dispossessed soon after the invasion and their lands given to the Tyrrells. (2) Ó Dubhlaoich of Clann Mhaonaigh, who, according to MacFirbis, are a branch of the O'Melaghlens of Meath, whence they were banished in the 11th century. They settled on the western side of Slieve Bloom, in Ely O'Carroll, where they are still very numerous. The head of the family had the privilege of inaugurating O'Carroll as king of Ely. MacFirbis writes the name of this family Ó Duibhluighe (Gen. p. 161). (3) Ó Dubhlaoich of Siol Anmchadha who are of the same stock as the O'Maddens and were originally located in the south-east of the present Co. Galway.

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