Mac An tSaoir

Rev Patrick Woulfe

Mac an tSAOIR—VII—MacAntire, MacEntire, MacEnteer, MacInteer, MacIntyre, MacAteer, MacAtear, MacCateer, MacTeer, MacTier, Minteer, Mateer, etc., and, by translation, Carpenter and Freeman; 'son of the craftsman' (Irish 'saor,' a mason, carpenter; also a freeman). There are, no doubt, several distinct families so called. About Dublin, this surname has been translated Carpenter. In other places, it has been incorrectly made Freeman, on the erroneous supposition that it is derived from saor, a freeman. This was also the name of a famous Scottish clan, whose country was Glen O, in Lorn; and many of the MacIntyres of the North of Ireland are, doubtless, of that race.

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