Mac An Ghobhann - Irish Names and Surnames

AuthorRev Patrick Woulfe
SourceIrish Names and Surnames

Mac an GHOBHANN—VIIM'Agowne, M'Egowne, M'Igoine, M'Igone, MacGowan, MacGowen, Magowan, Gowen, Gowing, Goan, etc., and, by translation, Smith, Smyth; 'son of the smith' (Irish 'gobha,' genitive 'gobhann'); a very common Irish surname. In the South of Ireland, it is now generally translated Smith, but MacGowan and Magowan are common in the North. Clann an Ghobhann of Clare and Tipperary were hereditary historians to the O'Loghlins of Burren and to the O'Kennedys of Ormond respectively.

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