Mac Amhlaoibh

Rev Patrick Woulfe

Mac AMHLAOIBH—V—MacAuliffe, MacAuley, MacCauliffe, MacCauley, MacCawley, MacCowley, Cawley, Cowley, etc.; 'son of Amhlaoibh' (an Irish form of the Norse Olaf). There are three well-known families of this name: (1) Mac Amhlaoibh, anglicised MacAuliffe, of Co. Cork, a branch of the MacCarthys. The head of this family resided at Castle MacAuliffe, near Newmarket, and his territory comprised the district lying between Newmarket and the boundaries of the counties of Limerick and Kerry. (2) Mac Amhlaoibh of Fermanagh, a branch of the Maguires, whose territory comprised the barony of Clanawley. And (3) Mac Amhlaoibh, anglicised MacAulay, of Scotland. The chief seat of this family was at Ardincaple, in Dumbartonshire. A branch of the family settled in Co. Antrim, and many of the MacAulays of the north of Ireland are of this stock. To it belonged also the celebrated Lord Macaulay.

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