A.—Executive Council/Aireacht

Article 50

From The Irish Constitution Explained by Darrell Figgis 1922

The Executive Authority of the Irish Free State/ Saorstat Eireann is hereby declared to be vested in the King, and shall be exercisable, in accordance with the law, practice and constitutional usage governing the exercise of the executive authority in the case of the Dominion of Canada, by the Representative of the Crown. There shall be a Council to aid and advise in the government of the Irish Free State/Saorstat Eireann to be styled the Executive Council/ Aireacht. The Executive Council shall be responsible to the Chamber/Dail Eireann, and shall consist of not more than twelve Ministers/Airi appointed by the Representative of the Crown, of whom four Ministers shall be Members of the Chamber/Dail Eireann and a number not exceeding eight, chosen from all citizens eligible for election to the Chamber/ Dail Eireann, who shall not be members of Parlia-ment/Oireachtas during their term of Office, and who, if at the time of their appointment they are members of Parliament/Oireachtas, shall by virtue of such appointment vacate their seats; Provided that the Chamber/Dail Eireann may from time to time on the motion of the President of the Executive Council determine that a particular Minister or Ministers not exceeding three, may be members of Parliament/ Oireachtas in addition to the four members of the Chamber/Dail Eireann above mentioned.

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