Robert O'Callaghan Newenham, Landscape and Topographical Draughtsman

(b. 1770, d. 1849)

Landscape and Topographical Draughtsman

From A Dictionary of Irish Artists 1913

Robert O'Callaghan Newenham. Chalk Drawing; in possession of Sir Thomas M. Deane, Dublin.

Was born on the 7th March, 1770, the thirteenth child of Sir Edward Newenham, of Belcamp, Co. Dublin, M.P. (died 1814), who was third son of William Newenham of Coolmore, Co. Cork. For twenty-five years he held the post of Superintendent-General of Barracks in Ireland, and during his tours of inspection through the country he made drawings of scenery and buildings, and had many of them lithographed and published. These first appeared in numbers, each containing eight lithographs, published by Ackermann, 101 Strand, London, and Hodges and McArthur, Dublin, in 1826. They subsequently appeared in two volumes, quarto, published in London in 1830 by T. W. Boone, under the title "Picturesque Views of the Antiquities of Ireland, drawn on stone by J. D. Harding from the sketches of R. O'C. Newenham." Newenham was President of the Society of Artists in Cork. He died in November, 1849. His portrait, painted by William Fisher (q.v.), was in the Cork Exhibition of 1852. His wife Anne, daughter of Deane Hoare, of Limerick, died in 1832. His daughter Eliza married Sir Thomas Deane, and was mother of the late Sir Thomas Newenham Deane.

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