Limerick School of Art (Provincial Societies and Schools of Art)

(Provincial Societies and Schools of Art)

From A Dictionary of Irish Artists 1913

A School of Ornamental Art was established in 1852 with a grant from the Board of Trade, in response to a memorial from the Committee of the Limerick Institution. In August of that year D. W. Raimbach, then second master in the Belfast School, was appointed head master, and the School was opened in the Limerick Athenaeum Buildings on the 1st November. Raimbach left the School in 1856 on his appointment as master in the Cork School, and was succeeded by the second master, W. L. Casey, who was followed by N. A. Brophy, who, for many years until his retirement in 1911, successfully conducted the School. In 1896 the School was handed over to the Corporation of Limerick and combined with a technical school, and it was subsequently placed under the Department of Agriculture and Technical Instruction.

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