Joseph Hutchinson, Miniature Painter

(fl. 1770-1819)

Miniature Painter

From A Dictionary of Irish Artists 1913

Was born in Dublin. His father was a currier in Nicholas Street, who failed in his business and was reduced to living on the bounty of his friends. The son was trained in the Dublin Society's School, which he entered in 1764, and was also an apprentice to George Carncross, the herald-painter. On the expiration of his indentures he set up for himself, at first as a herald-painter in which business he was very successful and then took to portraiture in crayons, and later to miniature painting, but, not getting much practice, he returned after a few years to herald-painting. About 1790 he went to London, and appears to have met with some success there as a miniature painter. He contributed to the Royal Academy exhibitions from 1792 to 1819. Amongst his exhibited works were miniatures of "Lord Mansfield," 1793;"Lord Loughborough," 1795; "Signora Storace" the singer, 1797; and "Miss Somerville," 1819.

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