John Jones, Medallist

(b. about 1798, d. about 1875)


From A Dictionary of Irish Artists 1913

Was born in London in or about 1798. He commenced his career in a subordinate capacity in the establishment of the younger Mossop (q.v.), in Dublin, and there learned his art. After Mossop's death in 1827 he set up for himself, and from 1830 to 1838 was established at 78 Dame Street as a die-sinker and medallist. In 1839 and 1840 he was in America where he made some money; and returning to Dublin he resumed his former business, which he carried on at 45 MarlboroUgh Street from 1841 to 1866, and afterwards until 1875 at 37 Summer Hill. Clever artist though he was he met with but little encouragement. Writing in 1843 the Rev. R. Dawson says: "His tools and presses are now rusting in his workshop, and a talented professional native educated in an excellent school has the mortification of finding himself neglected and English artists employed to record Irish events" (Transactions of R.I. Academy, Vol. XIX, 1843).

Besides executing several medals of merit, notably that for the Royal Agricultural Society, Jones struck some from Mossop's designs and dies. His medals include:

Queen Victoria; an unfinished die.

Daniel O'Connell. This portrait is a reduced copy from Mossop's medal; the reverse is taken from Mossop's medal of the Centenary of the House of Hanover.

Daniel O'Connell. Two other medals.

William III, on horseback; from a Mossop die.

William III, also from a Mossop die.

William III, in armour.

Irish Constabulary Medal. Presented to the officers and men who distinguished themselves during the Fenian disturbances, 1868, by the Lord Lieutenant.

Royal Agricultural Society of Ireland.

The North-east Society of Ireland; a well-designed and executed medal.

The Farming Society.

Temperance Medal, for Father Mathew.

Rev. James Rice's Academic Institute; an adaptation of Mossop's design for the Feinaglian Institute medal.

Several other School medals.

A full description of Jones's medals will be found in the Kilkenny Archaeological Society's Journal, Vol. XVIII, p. 320.

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