John Hamilton, Draughtsman and Etcher

(fl. 1767-1785)

Draughtsman and Etcher

From A Dictionary of Irish Artists 1913

Was born in Dublin, and early in life went to England. He exhibited views at the Society of Artists in London from 1767 to 1777, was elected a Fellow in 1772, and was afterwards Vice-President. He was a friend of John Astley, the painter (q.v.), who made him manager of his estates and left him in his will an annuity of £300. He was also for many years an intimate friend of Francis Grose, and etched for him most of the plates for his "Ancient Armour and Weapons," published in 1785. Late in life he married a widow possessed of some property, and resided in London where he died at a very advanced age. In the British Museum is a drawing by him in pen and water-colour, a "View of Tyburn," taken, as the inscription upon it states, on 14th October, 1767, the day that Guest, the banker's clerk, was hanged.

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