John Faulkner, Landscape Painter

(fl. 1852-1887)

Landscape Painter

From A Dictionary of Irish Artists 1913

John Faulkner, R.H.A. Photograph

Was admitted as a pupil in the Royal Dublin Society's School in 1848, and four years later, in 1852, began to exhibit at the Royal Hibernian Academy. On the 18th July, 1861, he was elected an associate, and on the 7th September following a member. He was a regular exhibitor of landscapes in oil and water-colour down to 1870, and was esteemed as an artist of considerable power and ability. His life and habits, were however irregular, and in 1870 he left Dublin under circumstances which brought about his removal from membership of the Academy. He went to America, and after some time returned and settled in London, and there found employment in painting water-colours for the dealers. In 1880 he again began to contribute to the Royal Hibernian Academy, and his name appears as an exhibitor down to 1887. Nothing is known of him afterwards. Two landscapes in water-colours by him are in the Whitworth Institute, Manchester.

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