John De Veaux, Seal Engraver and Wax Modeller

(fl. 1821-1836)

Seal Engraver and Wax Modeller

From A Dictionary of Irish Artists 1913

Born about 1796, he was a pupil of George Brown (q.v.), the seal engraver, with whom he became a partner, and to whose business he succeeded. The seal of Nathaniel Alexander, Bishop of Meath, was engraved by "Brown and De Veaux" in 1823. From Brown's address, 3 Fownes Street, he exhibited in 1821 a "Head of Sappho, engraved on a cornelian." In 1830 his name appears as "Seal and gem engraver to His Majesty," and in 1831 as "Crest engraver to the Lord Lieutenant and the Duke of Sussex." He spent some time in London executing orders. His name does not appear after 1836. In the British Museum is a wax medallion of Blucher by him; and in the Dublin Museum are a plaster medallion of the Duke of York, and one of a man unnamed. A portrait of Sir Robert Peel, engraved on a gem, after Chantrey, was reproduced in anaglyptograph by Freebairn.

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